About Me

Hello everyone 🙂

It’s me, the mind behind Sewing Machines Guru. Now most of you will wonder why I started this website, so let me just tell you in a quick recap.

About me
No, that’s not me. NOT EVEN MY GRANDMA!!!

I have always been a sewing enthusiast.

Maybe because I had grown up seeing my mother be such an avid sewer herself. Moreover, her sewing habits always inspired me and I started following her foot steps soon. In all this, I had encountered many problems and even techniques which helped me grew as a sewer.

While my first successful sewing project was stitching up a shirt for my self, I still take a lot of pride in it, largely because it took me A LOT to stitch a basic shirt. Then it was time I decided to brush up my sewing skills and therefore enrolled my self in a proper stitching course. My hobby then turned into a full time art which I mastered.

Now as a professional I tend to be readily looking out for new stuff related to sewing, be it machines or any new techniques. Plus since my course, I have stitched up so many articles and have taken up different endeavors which have been amazing to sew and finish . This is why I decided to create a platform of my own, where I can share my experiences, knowledge and insights to all the people who have a passion for sewing.

The website is open to everyone who is interested in knowing more about sewing.

If you are a beginner, it can be confusing for you in the beginning. So, why not take some help from here?

If you are a professional, why not give me some insight of your own?

The whole purpose of Sewing Machines Guru is to make it easy for everyone to know what’s going on in the sewing world. Many websites do exist on the internet with the same theme, but in all honesty they will not bluntly put out the flaws and faults. This is something I don’t admire because the sewer’s need to know everything, it is there right. This is why it is quite possible that some of the posts you will come across carry some strong reviews because everything will be addressed in them.

One thing which I would like to add here is that sewing looks hard, but all it requires is some patience, practice and knowledge. You can not expect stitching to be a task that will take up seconds, it does take time but it is worth it. With so many things in the market, and such advancement in sewing technology, you have the chance of making some of the best things by your own-self.

Sewing is however, taken for granted, but let me just put this out: Anything which gives you the power to create something is important. Every skill that you learn, be it based on your hobby or just on an impulse, does give you some sort of benefit in the long run. This is why, always believe in what you want and in this case, in sewing. So, let the Sewing Begin !

P.S: Feel free to contact me any time. I I would welcome every suggestion, comment, and critique. You can even drop me a line just to say Hi 😉

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