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The 5 Best Bobbin Winders

Anybody who is interested in sewing or even tailoring will need access to a bobbin winder at some point.

When used properly, a bobbin winder will streamline any given sewing or tailoring task to the point where you can take on more tasks than you could without a bobbin winder.

Just like the art of sewing and tailoring is as diverse as the fabrics and textiles that are created in the sewing process, so too are bobbin winders themselves.

There is no one bobbin winder that will magically assist your sewing and tailoring effort perfectly, and this is why you need to explore what different ones have to offer.

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5 Best Bobbin Winders Reviews

Automatic electric bobbin winder by HimaPro

Something that bobbin winders often struggle with is being adjustable to fit different kinds of bobbins. This limits your ability to perform certain tasks when it comes to sewing and can send you to pursue a completely different winder which is very frustrating to deal with.

You’ll be able to fit HimaPro’s winder to fit most kinds of bobbins, making it much more versatile than most. It’ll work perfectly whether you possess an A style, L style, or M style of bobbin, giving you most of the tools necessary to do what you need to do.

HimaPro’s winder will not help you if you possess a Husqvarna Viking specific bobbin, however. These kinds of bobbins are not compatible with HimaPro’s bobbin. The start and stop buttons on the bobbin are a little difficult to work with, as well.

“Easy Wind” bobbin winder by DMC

Sometimes all you need is a manual bobbin winder that you can use to easily wind the threads in question onto a surface, such as cardboard. Using an automatic winder to do this will take a frustratingly long time that makes the process much more tedious than you want it to be.

The Easy Wind bobbin winder by DMC is the tool you need when you need to wind threads onto any given surface. It has a simple, handheld design and it works surprisingly fast, much faster than any automatic bobbin winder. It works really well for cross stitching as well.

You’ll need something else if you don’t need a bobbin winder for cross stitching type tasks, however. The Easy Wind is one-dimensional in this aspect.

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SewNote Sewing Machine Bobbin Winder Rubber

There are few things more frustrating than when the drive tires on a sewing machine stop working. This affects the effectiveness of the machine and the lack of drive tires can even prevent sewing machines from working altogether.

SewNote’s rubber drive tires will save almost any given sewing machine that has been manufactured by Singer, Brother, Kenmore, Janomre, or Babylock. They fit perfectly within the winding mechanisms of almost any of these machines, almost resulting in a brand new machine.

As you might guess, these rubber drive tires are completely one-dimensional in their use. The only reason you would ever need them is to replace worn tires on your machine’s winding mechanism. They do nothing else.

100 Plastic Floss Bobbins with 1 Pcs Bobbin Winder

Storing thread for embroidery is not an easy task. There is no way that you can just leave the thread in question on the original spool and then expect to take on a threading project properly. Things will be too disorganized and the process will take far too long.

You’ll be able to organize anything you need to when using Uoou’s pack of floss bobbins and winder. The winder itself has a sting ball which allows you to collect the thread easier and you’ll be able to wrap the thread around each of the 100 cardboard bobbins you get, thereby allowing you to store any thread much easier.

Like any other sewing accessory, Uoou’s bobbins and bobbin winder pack are almost completely one-dimensional in their usage. While you can use it for a few other things, storing thread is its sole purpose.

Large bobbin winder for industrial sewing machines by Juki

Bobbin winders are an integral part of any given sewing machine. When the winder of your sewing machine is faulty, chances are good that you will need to replace the entire machine, resulting in a loss that is not easy to endure.

Juki’s bobbin winder will fit nearly any industrial sewing machine manufactured by Juki, Brother, Consew, Singer, or Mitsubishi. This will save you a lot of money on getting a new machine since if the winder in your current machine starts to malfunction, you can simply replace it with Juki’s machine.

The drive wheel for Juki’s bobbin winder replacement measures 3 inches. If your industrial sewing machine is any smaller or bigger than this, you will not be able to replace it with Juki’s winder.


The process of sewing and tailoring is streamlined greatly by using a bobbin winder as well as the accessories that are related to bobbin winder.

Pay special attention to the accessories that are related to any given sewing mechanism you use. Doing this will ensure that you have made a good decision on a bobbin winder as well as any accessory that is related to your bobbin winder.

Don’t forget that bobbin winders are not just about sewing machines. Sometimes all you need is a manual winder that you need to organize all the thread that you intend to use. Fortunately, bobbin winders exist for this reason as well. Seek them out if you must.

No matter what kind of sewing project you intend to take on, never forget how essential a good bobbin winder and its accessories are.

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