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Top 10 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats Reviews 2021

Before choosing the Best Embroidery Machine for Hats, you need to know one thing. Embroidery has never been cheap. Why? Not only do you need to invest in a suitable machine, but also other features. Indeed, you must set aside hundreds of dollars for special threads, needles, stabilizers, different designs, and embroidery software.

Besides, it is worth considering that you will not be a professional user right away. Luckily, the market now provides many machine choices that make maneuvering around sewing easy even with basic skills. Sometimes you must toss out dollars to stores with bead embroidery before scratching to what you need.

Whether you are just beginning into sewing as a hobby or a professional, you must avoid using frustrating machines. Depending on the model you are searching for, this article discusses the basic features of the brands on offer for every embroidering fan. Here are a buying guide and review for the top 10 best embroidery machine for hats available and worth investing.

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10 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats

1. Brother PE800 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats

PE800  machine from Brother is well-built with a large enough embroidery field measuring 5×7 inches. The size makes it an excellent choice for large fonts and designs. That way, there is minimal rehooping but more and additive fashioning. It is easy to use and will make you desire to embroider everything. Work on clothes, jackets, hats, and towels with a lot of fun.

The kicker feature is the 136 designs included. Quickly select from florals, scrollwork, bedding patterns, many shapes, and frame styles. It has a unique embroidery memory card slot to give access to different Brother embroidery. The number of style options is already built-in, so no software is to be downloaded or installed. So, no need to be cautious of any technical features.

The machine also has a USB port to store personalized or edited designs or purchased online for future use. Using its LCD screen helps to position or size the designs easily before starting to stitch. This model is a real workhorse giving the feel of getting money value.


  • Built-in unlimited designs
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Advanced features
  • LCD


  • Costly
  • Overheats with two projects ruing
  • Screen freezes sometimes

2. SINGER  7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

SINGER 7258 is another popular sewing model available in the market today. It is fully computerized to provide an excellent stitching experience. Considering this model means you find a heavy-duty machine suitable for both learners and experienced users.

This choice works well as it enables you not only to sew but also create designs. It features over 100 patterns and ten presser feet for altering the machine to suit the project being handled. This in-built design enables beginners to learn and adapt to the sewing process. The designs include zigzag, straight, and attractive stitches. Lengths can be automatically or manually adjusted as desired.

Its speed is also adjustable to attain at most 750 stitches every minute. While this is slightly slow, its six buttonhole styles create custom looks for the projects. It also comes with twin-needle abilities for faster swing speeds.

The automatic features, including needle threaders, cutters, and bobbin winders, enable you to push the right buttons simply. This is beneficial to beginners as everything is adjusted to suit your project.

The LCD makes it user-friendly since different sewing designs are shown.


  • Portable
  • A large range of stitches
  • Mirror imaging
  • A common model in the market


  • Quality control is hard
  • Not a good choice for learners
  • Stops working suddenly

3. Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine

The Brother SE400 has different comprehensive functions to allow its users to have fun while sewing. It features 67 stitches, 70 sewing patterns, and five inbuilt fonts. There is convenience here since you can use the designs or engage your creativity and create your custom ones. This range makes your imagination go wild to come up with unique fonts on your project efficiently.

This machine has an automatic system for ease of use of the chosen stitch. Its LCD screen makes it convenient to select the designs and lettering. The one-touch thread cutter gives incredible cuts.

With complete computerization, you can import stitching designs from the internet. But this does not limit your need for making your custom styles. With this, you can widely roam your imaginations and amazingly complete a project.

Both beginners and experts find the model’s large work table impressive. This space is enough to allow you to maneuver well while sewing. The adjustable stitching speed featured gives you complete control and perfect alignment of the stitches. This can attain a maximum speed of 710 stitches per minute.


  • Good for tech-junkies
  • Easy to set-up
  • Affordable
  • Small but feature-rich


  • Unexciting pre-installed designs
  • Not suitable for professional projects
  • Recommended only in countries supporting 120V AC

4. Brother SE600 Sewing Machine

Brother SE600 machine has everything that you could expect from a sewing machine. One excellent thing about it is that it is a combined model and computerized. That means you do not need to spend money on buying either sewing or an embroidery machine separately. With it, all the stitching jobs, at-home repairs, and practicing embroidery skills is possible.

This model has inbuilt 103 stitches for decorating your projects differently. Even more, 80 built-in designs include for styling purposes. The internal memory is large enough for storage of the patterns. Besides, you can add more embroideries by downloading them online. Thanks to its USB 2.0 port for connectivity and transferring as you desire. Also, there are six lettering fonts for numbers, letters, and symbols. That way, you are spoilt of choices to use on your project.

The expansive touchscreen shows the designs you have selected. If it is not what you want, you quickly edit and preview it to confirm how it will finally look. It is also colored to make the designs appear better.

Everything here is easy and quick to set up. Its drop-in bobbin adds convenience and reduces jams. Of course. Embroidery projects need a big work area for spreading the fabric. This model fits this concern with its 4×4 comfortable space.


  • Large range of built-in embroidery
  • Combination machine for embroidery and sewing
  • Big embroidery field
  • USB port included for custom designs


  • Costly
  • No additional feet attachments
  • Needs constant rethreading

5. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

Another popular sewing model available in the market is Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist. It’s fully computerized to give the best quilting sewing experiences. It works best and equally for beginners and professionals. The design and a range of programmed features serve as learning tools and for handling advanced projects.

It has 600 stitching patterns and a variable speed setting that attains 850 stitches every minute. This number is impressive since it makes sewing go quickly and powerfully. Its automatic thread cutter, tension control, and needle threader add efficiency. Sewing is done without stopping to cut threads or even adjust their tension. The bobbin winder also quickly winds the bobbin to the thread as per the needs of your project.

Creating clothing has become easy. The 13 buttonhole styles allow you to attach the buttons in the one-step process. The twin needle abilities make uniform hemlines. Adjusting the length and width of stitches is possible to fit your project’s style.

This digital machine features an LCD screen to show information about the project. You can identify if you are incorrectly using the machine and adjust as needed.


  • Fully-computerized
  • Large range of features
  • Mirror imaging
  • Common model


  • Quality control problems
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Limited to specific countries

6. Brother PE800 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats

Embroidery enthusiasts looking for dedicated sewing machines find the Brother PE800 a go-to choice. This model works best at what it intends to do, all thanks to its features.

It has a large LCD for previewing the designs before final sewing. The features as rotate, mirror-image, and increase or decrease the design size enables editing right. Not only that but with this, you also select the needed thread colors from its in-built color palette. This is helpful if you do not wish to use the existing embroidery designs.

This machine has nearly unlimited designs. In addition to the included 138 patterns, you can connect to a computer and then transfer your design of choice. This can be downloaded or imported online. With its 11 lettering fonts, border, and frame designs, you effortlessly decorate the projects. Its built-in memory permanently stores your favorite projects in the machine. Both the USB port and memory slots allow you to transfer files from a computer.

The embroidery area is big enough, measuring 5 x 7 inches. This provides ample space for decorating even more significant items like jackets or home decors.


  • User-friendly
  • Large stitching area
  • Advanced features
  • Efficient


  • Produces frustrating sounds
  • Embroidery-only model
  • It needs rethreading many times

7. Brother PE770 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats

This Brother PE770 machine comes with an expansive field.  Measuring 5×7 inches, you can comfortably embroider even projects with large letterings and designs. That way, you have no time for rehooping but get to do more creating.

There are many selections of inbuilt designs, 136 in total.  You can access florals, scrollwork, quilt patterns, different shapes, and border styles. Thanks to its USB port and memory card slot included, you are not limited to design options. You can add and store custom edited or purchased designs.

The LCD screen makes it more reliable. Easily rotate, mirror-image, and even increase or decrease the design sizes. Before starting a stitching session, you can resize and position it easily. The digital display makes the machine classy and makes it easy to navigate through all the features.

That said, you will love having a big embroidery area ad a hoop. PE770 has an expansive space measuring 5×7 inches for comfortable working. This ample size makes stitching easy even when creating bigger monograms or items.


  • Easy threading
  • Many in-built embroideries design
  • Advanced features
  • Expansive stitching field


  • Machine jams
  • Not ideal for professional projects
  • Hard to understand the user manual

8. Ever Sewn Hero – 400-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Ever Sewn Hero always exists to offer safety and user-friendliness. Its clear LCD screen enables you to preview all the settings and choose as desired. The included interfaces, regular, embroidery, and memory, offer a simple switch process from sewing to embroidery or the reverse. The robustness leaves you feeling satisfied and with unique experiences.

The machine comes with many different designs in both modes, sewing, and embroidery. Even though you can easily scroll through the intuitive screen, there is a direct select feature. For quick operations, use the button ad get the commonly applied stitches. You will find the alphabet patterns in script and block styles.

It comes with uploading software for adding custom-made designs through the USB port. The workspace is large enough, 6.5 inches, for comfortable sewing even on big projects. Additionally, it has eight presser feet accessories and a programmed needle threader. This adds efficiency while sewing.

When the bobbin thread runs out, it automatically cuts off. This feature is handy, particularly for the impressive speed of 800 stitches per minute.


  • Advanced features
  • High-quality build
  • Copes with various fabrics
  • Portable


  • Minimal user instructions
  • The defective USB port may not read
  • Poor quality hoop

9. SINGER Futura XL-580 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

The SINGER Futura XL-580 sewing and embroidery machine is hard to pull off this list. Why? Despite being a 2 in 1 machine is aesthetically designed to do the job correctly. It looks unique and beautiful thanks to the minimal color scheme and modern appearances.

Adding personal touches for shining and creative sewing projects has never been easy. This combo model has the software to allow you to change pictures to embroidery immediately. The included 250 embroidery patterns, 215 unique sewing stitches, and 20 alphabet fonts are plenty for experienced users and beginners.

Its work area has six bright LED lights. That simplifies sewing or embroidery even with low lights at night. You can view the work well without straining your eyes. Besides, its work surface is wide for accessing the designs and easy to work at different angles.

The featured automatic needle cutter and threader make this machine adorable. It ensures comfort while also making clean cuts below and on top simultaneously. The knee lifter adds more convenience as it works even hands-free.


  • Many in-built embroideries design
  • LED display
  • Automatic features
  • High-tech embroidery system


  • Warranted use in countries supporting 110V only
  • Breaking needles
  • Wrong hoop size

10. PE535 with Initial Stitch Embroidery Lettering & Monogramming Software

Professional and novice sewers need versatile and reliable embroidery machines. The feature-rich model from Brother, PE535, is an excellent workhorse. With 80 additional designs, working on your projects with a personalized touch has become easy. You can use borders, florals, decorative alphabet, and various lettering fonts. The sizes range from small, medium, to large types to fit your needs.

Another beautiful thing is the dedicated workspace of 4×4 inches. This field is enough for placing any size of embroidery designs. What is more, you confidently work on many fabrics without any complications.

The PE535 package includes a hoop, other tools like the user manual. The following everything as recommended means great effectiveness without experiencing any issues. It has a decent sewing speed that is adjustable as desired. The manufacturer offers 25 years of limited warranty. This is to give you confidence in durability when buying and using it.

Apart from its in-built features, users are free to download designs from the internet. The included memory allows you to add custom designs using a USB stick.


  • Large LCD screen
  • Feature-rich
  • Affordable
  • Fit for beginners


  • Not ideal for professional projects
  • Embroidery use model
  • For tech-smart users

Best Embroidery Machine for Hats – Buying Guide

Best Embroidery Machine

For beginners, choosing the best embroidery machine for hats is always a bit challenging. You are wondering where to start from or to purchase the best model? Settling for a reliable option is necessary for both hobbyists and home-based businesses. Here are essential things to consider while shopping for your machine.

Integrated Features

Many high-grade sewing machines come together with in-built designs, stitches, and fonts. The features include for use in different embroidery purposes. The number offered will determine how versatile the machine is—perhaps the more extensive the range, the better. For instance, 200 and above stitches are a perfect choice. Even though some models allow you to increase the designs, having some already set up in the machine is worthy.


Embroidery machines should not limit your creativity. High-quality units provide the choice to connect to a computer. That way, you are free to download, correct, and even customize the patterns, designs, or texts before finishing them.

Also, you can access millions of designs online. Creating unique d customized patterns from the computer is easy, and then it is stitched to the project means convenience.

Design and Size

As it is, sewing enthusiasts handle both big and small projects at different times. Equally, machine models vary in size to save you time and help you avoid postponing a project. Pay attention and check the specifications and buy a design that you are attracted to. Remember, a machine may be of high quality but is not flexible enough.

Larger hoops make it easy to create more significant designs eve if it is not stable on small fabrics. The machines designed for smaller projects will also not be fit for more important pieces. Thankfully, there are models with multi-hoop features to allow you to finish big and small designs with superb quality.

Additional Features

Buy a machine that provides excellent money value and functionality. If you are interested in both sewing and monogramming, invest in a model that can handle both. It is not worth getting separate machines for every task.

Key Features: Best Embroidery Machine for Hats

embroidery machine hats

In regards to the embroidery machine, we know that it is pretty expensive. Therefore, everyone wants to get the most out of their money.

Before buying a hat embroidery machine, here are the things to look for.

1. Hat Hoop

A typical embroidery machine cannot stitch hats because they are curved. The hat embroidery hoop must be purchased separately in this case. Therefore, you should choose a machine that has a hat hoop.

The hoops are the most critical factor when you’re deciding on an embroidery machine for custom hats. Always verify that hoop support is available on all devices. Make sure you find out how much embroidery hoops cost to avoid disappointment.

2. Built-in Stitches

The more stitching that is built into the machine, the less worry you have to have. There’s no need for you to do anything since the work has already been done. In addition, custom stitches require a lot of resources. Is it worth the effort? Check how many built-in stitches the product offers when you are shopping. Don’t forget that more is better.

3. Sewing and Quilting

The embroidery machine is what you want, not the sewing machine. But when is it ever a bad thing to have extra features?

In addition to embroidery, some of the best embroidery machines for hats also stitch. Those features may or may not be necessary to you, but you never know when they’ll come in handy. Moreover, they do not cost significantly more.

An additional benefit of having a hybrid machine is that it can sew and embroider. Their combined capabilities are far more valuable than embroidery-only machines. Possibly you’re looking for a hat sewing machine and embroidery machine.

4. Area

Are you going to use a large embroidery design? There is usually a fixed embroidery area on embroidery machines. If you’re planning to buy one, keep these things in mind. The shorter, the better, so by extension, the bigger, the better. You may choose whatever you think will fit your budget better if you are sure of yourself. You should typically select the one with a large work surface.

5. User-Friendly Setup

You should check whether setting up the embroidery machine is complicated or time-consuming before you buy it. Place bobbins if threads need to be changed. The time you spend setting up the machine cannot be as long as you let it be. As a result, productivity is reduced.

6. Computerized

You must have an Internet connection for your sewing and embroidery machine to import online designs. It will significantly ease your life as well as allow you to make your hat.

Do your research before buying an embroidery machine. Most embroidery machines use computers, so you will need a computer connected to the machine to embroider a hat.

It is equally important to understand how embroidery transfers to the machine along with the embroidery design. A USB stick use for some; a computer is required for others. Transfer over WiFi is supported by newer machines. The system must have the features you need, so be sure to identify the features they have. Overloaded, bloated systems that slow you down are not necessary.

7. Touch-Screen

A computerized machine is less enjoyable without a touchscreen. How can we compromise? Touch screens are not available on every machine. However, some are not responsive; some don’t display colors the way you would like. Make sure the touchscreen you want is built into the machine you’re buying.

8. Speed

It’s also important to consider how fast the machine can sew if you’re buying it for a commercial purpose. Even for home use, you should consider this factor.

In embroidery, the speed is measured in stitches per minute. Over an extended period, it will save you more time to have a machine that stitches more than another that doesn’t.

In addition, it has economic benefits. The SPM is the number of hits per hour you can make. By increasing embroidery speed, you can accomplish more work in less time.

9. Dimension and Portability

No matter if you want one for your home or factory, the dimensions are essential. What is the size of your room? How would you feel if you needed to move someday? This is when portability and dimensions are relevant.

10. Technical Support

When you think about it, technical support is significant. Under even the slightest misuse, these machines are very delicate and may not function as expected. Cost-wise, it is expensive to replace their equipment.

When you are considering buying one, ask a lot of questions. When buying a hat printing machine, you should think about a series of factors before making your purchase: how much warranty they provide, is there a local store that can repair it, and the company’s reputation. In summary, the maximum guarantee on Brother hat embroiderers is 25 years.

When you plan to buy a first printing hat machine, these are the most important things to keep in mind. It is unlikely that you will require much assistance the next time you need an embroidery machine.

How To Embroider On A Hat?

how to embroidery hats

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to embroider a hat with an embroidery machine.

Choosing a Design for Embroidering on a Hat

Given the small size of the embroidered area, the choice of design is crucial. Adapt a pattern continually until you are satisfied with the fit of your hat, and then choose a pattern that corresponds to the size of your hat.

What makes you confident that this pattern will work? You can print out the document as a solution. To determine whether the pattern matches your hat size, flatten your hat at least partially.

The hat hoop center should be placed over the center of the pattern you will embroider.

Prepare the Hat Hoop for Embroidery

To embroider a hat, you must prepare the stabilizer first since you will not be hooping it yourself. You use a slightly larger hoop to maneuver the hat during the embroidery process than what the design calls for.

You can then attach the cap by pressing the area to be embroidered on the stabilizer, aligning the center of the mark on the hat with the center of the impact on the stabilizer. Once the embroidery is complete, you can remove it by simply removing the excess stabilizer.

You will also find that embroidering patterns on more challenging hats is more complicated. What you need is a soft hat.

Embroidery the Hat

The thick fabric of most caps requires a larger needle for embroidery. Hats embroidered with a 90/14 embroidery needle.

Embroidering designs should be carefully selected and hooped. Your hat will be embroidered using an embroidery machine. Caps must remain attached to stabilizers as long as the embroidery process is ongoing.

Embroidery Machine vs. Sewing Machine vs. Monogram Machine

Sewing Machine

sewing machine for garment factory

Materials such as fabric and thread are often sewed together using the sewing machine in the textile industry. These units were introduced to reduce the amount of work when sewing manually. Even at home, people appreciate this because it increases efficiency. Usually, only one item can be used by one person at a time. Several designs are currently available to make fabric paint glide with a reduced need for tools like needles and thimbles.

Monogram Machine

A monogram is a series of letters or characters connected in some way. Depending on where it is placed, the style may have two or more designs. Usually, the machines that produce the marks lend a personal touch to a craft. Since the machine designs by cutting through material and adding ink, it may symbolize something to the owner. T-shirts and other products with brand names look best with monograms. Regardless of how it is made, whether painted, cut, inked, or embroidered, it’s an excellent marketing tool.

Embroidery Machine

embroidery machine for shirts and hats

Embroidery usually refers to the skill of sewing to create attractive designs on a piece of fabric. This can be done by needling and threading. Historically, the technique was used because of its beauty and practical design. The form used today involves various techniques. All thanks to the invention of embroidery machines, it is possible to create high-quality designs. Sewers can download many patterns, edit as desired or combine them without any limits. Embroidery sounds complicated, unlike monogramming, as only stitching skills are required. It includes a greater extent of craftsmanship.

Monogramming vs. embroidery vs. sewing machines generally highlights great versatility, utility, use, and flexibility. The applications of such need different techniques that are not exclusive to one another. Of course, you can combine the machines for maximum results.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

  • How To Embroider A Hat?

Hats can be embroidered in two ways. Using either a sewing machine or a hand stitch is an option. To make sure that you choose the right hat, you might want to imprint it with the design you want. As soon as you embroider on the cap, you will need a hoop and fabric stabilizer to hold it in place. If you choose to stitch by machine or by hand, then you can follow these steps. In addition to the front, you can embellish its sides, back, or top.

  • How Intricate is Embroidery?

It’s not challenging to learn embroidery, and it shouldn’t take a lot of effort or money. You can get started with this hobby easily and inexpensively!

You can gain a deeper understanding of embroidery once you’ve gotten your hands dirty (or at least threaded your needle). There are also tips, techniques, and tools that you can learn to enhance or improve your stitching. ​

  • Is Embroidery an Expensive Hobby?

You can spend a lot of money on embroidery. Even if you only need to create embroidery with specific needles, threads, stabilizers, or even scissors, the materials and equipment used in modern times can quickly add up in cost. Ensure that your hobby is within your means before you begin.

  • Can I Use Regular Thread for Embroidery?

It is possible. The good news is that your machine shouldn’t be damaged in any way. Embroidering with the regular thread may result in thread pile up because it’s thicker. Basically, with a common thread, an embroidery project can be covered better than it would be with standard embroidery types.

  • Do Embroidery Businesses Make Money?

Profitably, running an embroidery business from the comfort of your own home can be pretty profitable! Over time, many customers who began with one needle embroidery machine end up with a four-head machine and a large customer base. Embroidery supplies are inexpensive, which contributes to its profitability.


Choosing the best embroidery machine for hats that will meet your needs will enhance your monogramming, sewing, and embroidery results. Markets know what you need, so they have a wide range of options that can be difficult to choose. We hope that the information about the best embroidery machine for hats above will clarify any doubts about which options are worth considering.

Investing in the best embroidery machine not only meets your stitching needs but determines how far you can take this art form. To make a good choice, take the time to read reviews before spending your hard-earned money. Understand the pros and cons of stitching, embroidery, and monogramming machines.

There is no better way to demonstrate a sense of style or ownership than by buying the best embroidery machine for hats. So go ahead, develop fun, exciting, and versatile designs that will last for a while.

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