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Best Leather Sewing Machine For The Money

When it comes to fashion and clothing, one thing that never goes out of style is leather. It’s impossible not to look cool while rocking a leather coat or, if you’re a little more daring, leather pants. If you have the right sewing machine, though, you can work with leather-like a pro. With a little research, you can find the best leather sewing machine and get to work on your hot new wardrobe.

​We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the top leather sewing machines. Explore your options and see if there’s a model that stands out for your leather projects.

Ready to find the perfect sewing machine for leather? It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Our detailed and honest reviews will help you narrow down your choices and find a machine that speaks to you. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Top Picks: 3 Best Leather Sewing Machine

Reviews of the Best Leather Sewing Machines

1. Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 18 Built-in Stitches + Hard Case


The Janome HD3000 is the best sewing machine for leather that comes with all the features required for advanced-level stitching.

Even though its appearance suggests that it’s a basic machine, it’s equipped with a hard aluminum body and the strength you’re looking for in a durable leather sewing machine.

When it comes to heavy-duty machines, especially industrial leather sewing machines, the Janome HD3000 is the perfect machine.
Not only does it manage leather well enough, but it also offers a wide range of stitching patterns. With several automatic features and the high presser foot, the machine can efficiently work on leather products, and that is why it has one of the highest ratings in the leather sewing machine market.

2. Reliable 4000SW Single Needle Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Reliable 4000SW Single Needle Walking Foot Sewing Machine With 550W Sewquiet Servomotor, 2,000-RPM, Large Capacity Hook, 14 mm Foot Lift, UberLight LED Light, Heavy-Duty K-Legs and Table, Tool Kit Inc


  • The best part about this heavy-duty industrial sewing machine is its compelling feeding system. It can stitch and sew through almost all types of heavy fabric.
  • The Reliable 4000 SW is a single needle machine and ideal for sewing leather, upholstery, synthetics, and even canvas.
  • The machine is magnificent as it undertakes such heavy projects while creating the least bit of noise and ensuring outstanding quality.
  • The main feature of this machine is its servo motor, the Sew-quiet 4000. This motor does not buzz at slow speeds, plus it maintains the perfect speed with minimal noise.
  • The machine can sew up to 10 layers of fabric easily. However, this is not the strongest competitor out of all the industrial sewing machine models.
  • It is a rather basic machine that gets the job done. While there are more advanced options, this is a great investment for a sewist who’s serious about leather.

3. SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine with 600-Stitches, Electronic Auto Pilot Mode, Extension Table and Bonus Accessories, Perfect for Customizing Projects


Singer 9960 is the ultimate computerized machine. It can handle complex sewing tasks with ease.
This machine is largely known for its breakneck sewing speeds, extensive stitch pattern selection, and automatic features such as automatic tension control and thread-cutting.
This sewing marvel also comes with an extension table, bonus accessories, and a hardcover. You’ll be able to use this machine to tackle your most complex tasks.

The Singer 9960 is a highly praised machine because of all it offers the user. But can this be used as a leather sewing machine? Absolutely!

Other leather sewing machines can handle more than this Singer model, but this particular model is great for both those starting and professionals. It’s not the best leather sewing machine, but it will get the job done.

4. JUKI DNU-1541S Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

JUKI DNU-1541S Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine with Safety Clutch

This is the mother of all industrial leather sewing machines.


The Juki DNU-1541S is used for bag-making and upholstery on a professional level. It comes with a larger needle bar stroke, higher presser foot lift, and newly adopted double-tension mechanism, enabling it to offer excellent sewing capabilities and responses.

The machine’s feeding motion promises the consistent feeding of materials of all thicknesses without stitch gathering, ensuring a smooth stitching experience.

With walking foot technology, rectangular feed, and a higher needle stroke, heavier materials such as leather can be sewn with ease using these machines.

The servo sewing motor ensures that the machine is never too loud. Overall, this machine will give you an incredible sewing experience.

5. Janome Sewist 725s Sewing Machine

Janome Sewist 725s Sewing Machine


Now, this is a machine that will help you with your easy leather fixes, as in switching your purse’s handle or maybe fixing your wallet.
This leather sewing machine produces strong and even stitches and includes all the basic features that you would expect in its price range.

This is a nice, sturdy machine that runs quietly, can be set up quickly, and do everything from mending to quilting, including free-motion embroidery.

You won’t find many decorative stitches, but you lose in the selection and gain in quality. This is a great leather sewing machine ideal for full projects and quick fixes.

6. Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor


Tasks like stitching, threading, and even bobbin winding are simplified with this unit. Even if you’ve worked on an industrial machine before, this one will certainly have some features that will blow you away.

The machine is equipped with a servo motor, which means it’s uber quiet, despite its large size. The stitch quality is amazing, especially when working with thicker materials like leather.

Each stitch, regardless of the selected length, comes out with precise accuracy and perfection. You can really take advantage of this machine’s industrial features and fulfill all your leather projects’ needs.

Just remember to keep up on the required maintenance so that your machine withstands the test of time.

7. REX Portable Walking-Foot Sewing Machine

Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Plus Walking Foot Sewing Machine


This machine is as professional as they come. The REX Portable is one of the best industrial sewing machines out there. It makes sewing through thicker materials as easy as possible.

Overall, this machine will exceed your expectations, and you’re sure to fall in love with its long list of features.

This option is a fully powered, heavy-duty industrial machine, the ideal kind of leather sewing machine.

Due to its advanced features and performance, this machine is not suitable for domestic use. But if you’re looking for a professional machine with vast sewing capabilities, consider this model.

How to Sew Leather

how to sew leather by hand

Different fabrics behave differently: chiffon is a delicate fabric, polyester stretches, and leather has distinctive properties.

Certain leathers are known to be “sticky” – this means the leather can stick to the foot, preventing it from holding the fabric as the needle is moved. If you’re not careful, this will result in uneven stitching.

When sewing leather, you should take care because leather is hard to hide a hole in once you make it.

Since this is such an unforgiving fabric, attaching pins is impossible unless you plan to use the holes in your design as a design element, so you should purchase the best leather sewing machine specially made for this leather.

It is not just a hobby but also a business for those with a passion for sewing. Their sewing is usually done by hand or with the help of a sewing machine.

It’s not the same if you’re tailoring leather as it is if you’re working out with fabric. Leather is derived from animal skin, and it can have a rough surface and a sturdy structure because it is cut out and processed.

Manually sewing leather can be challenging, so it is best to sew it with a leather sewing machine and some tools.

Leather can be sewn repeatedly on sewing machines with needle holes.

In any case, you should choose a thick and quality needle when sewing leather since the needles can become brittle when you’re sewing leather.

If you plan to sew leather, ensure that you gather all the essential tools since these tools will be utilized during cutting, inserting holes, and creating patterns.

Why is Leather So Hard to Deal With?

If you’ve never worked with leather, you don’t understand the frustration that can come with this great material. While clothing and decor items made from leather don’t age and look great, working with the material is difficult. It’s thick, textured, and usually involves a complex stitching technique. To put it simply, it’s not for the new sewist. It takes a lot of dedication to work with leather.

Even if you have a sewing machine and consider yourself fairly skilled, leather is going to throw you a curveball. It would help if you had a high-quality, heavy-duty machine to get the professional results you’re after.

It’s not uncommon to experience broken needles and hiccups when working on a leather project. But if you have the best sewing machine for leather, you can expect less frustration and better results.

Don’t let the complexity of leather scare you away from working with this timeless material. Instead, find a machine that will make working with it as easy as possible.

What Kind of Machines Work Best for Leather?

best sewing machine for leather

Now that you understand the difficulties of working with leather, let’s move on to finding a machine that can handle the material.

To be blunt, you need an industrial sewing machine to work with leather. This doesn’t mean you need an oversized monstrosity of a machine. It just means you need a unit that was designed to work with leather. You’ll want to find a machine that was designed with leather, parachute, canvas, and other thick fabrics in mind.

Think of it this way: A car and semi-truck both drive. They’ll both get you from Point A to Point B. But if you’re moving across town, a small car won’t get the job done effectively. A semi-truck can help you get the job done fast and without the risk of losing or breaking your possessions.

If you work with leather on a standard sewing machine, your project will take hours longer than it should. In fact, you might not get the project done at all just because the machine wasn’t designed to handle such a job. But if you work with a leather sewing machine, you’ll be working with a piece of equipment that was designed for the job. You’ll be able to work quickly and safely.

In case you still aren’t sure about the difference, here are some of the key differences between an industrial machine and a domestic machine :

Stitch Quality: ​When it comes to industrial machines, the stitch quality is strong and precise. Domestic machines require extra effort to get perfect stitches when working with thicker materials.
Stitches per second: Industrial sewing machines are high-powered and ​can stitch between 1500 and 2500 stitches per minute. Most domestic machines come in well under 1500 stitches per minute.
Stitch Styles and Options: Industrial sewing machines mostly come with just the main stitch styles. Domestic machines offer a larger selection of stitch patterns, including several decorative stitches.

Production Speed: Industrial sewing machines are fitted with faster motors, ​so the stitching speed is fast. Domestic machines have slower production rates.
Kind of Thread: You can use heavier threads and larger cones in industrial machines. Domestic machines work well with lighter threads.
Type of Machine: Industrial machines can easily handle tough and sturdy materials due to their size and specifications. Domestic machines are best for small projects that require lighter materials and do not involve ​advanced techniques.
Audience: Industrial machines are designed for those who are after extremely professional results and who work with more complex materials. They’re more durable and ideal for professional use. Domestic machines cater to those who work on basic projects and sew as a hobby rather than a professional.​

Investment: Industrial machines are a long-term investment and last a long time. Domestic machines tend to need repairs or need to be replaced over time. While they’re affordable, they’re not designed to last a lifetime.

​Both domestic and industrial machines come with their own list of pros and cons. For most sewists, a domestic model will meet their needs just fine. But if you consider yourself to be a professional sewist and have a long list of projects that involve thicker or complex materials, an industrial model is a must.

A leather sewing machine is a great investment. They’re built to last and can help you build your sewing skills and work with materials that would otherwise be out of your reach.

​You’ll be able to produce stronger stitches and professional products with the best leather sewing machine. Now that you know what’s out there and why you need a leather sewing machine, you can start to narrow down your options and find a unit that will help you create the projects of your dreams.

Final Verdict

Your search for leather sewing machines has hopefully ended with all the answers you needed.

This year, leather is the hottest trend, so if you haven’t already, start investing in a sewing machine now to make your wardrobe more interesting.

If you have more experience with sewing machines, you can upgrade to industrial quality sewing machines, which are generally more expensive than usual sewing machines.

It is one of the few fabrics that are not susceptible to damage no matter the weather, so if you are deciding if the leather is the right material for you, I can assure you that it is one and only one of the few fabrics that are not susceptible to damage.

Even the simplest stitches on leather are quite difficult to perform by hand once you realize that you can sew leather to your clothes.

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