Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

Best Sewing Machine for Quilting 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Looking to make a quilt that can become a family heirloom (or at least keep you warm on the couch on movie night)? You're at the right place. ​

We've scoured the market in an effort to find the best sewing machine for quilting and we've come up with an impressive list.

Whether you're looking to complete simple sewing tasks or take on the most difficult of projects, one of these machines will help you get the job done. When it comes to finding machines that are best for inexperienced sewers, we're full of recommendations.

Because quilting involves stitching layers of thick fabric together, we've found that the following work best. ​First, take a look at our chart to get an overall idea of the best options. Then dive into our detailed reviews. By the end of this article, you'll know the machine that will help put together the softest, warmest, and most luxurious quilts. Look out, grandma! There's a new quilt maker in town.

The Best Sewing Machines for Quilting 2018

Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

So before you start to confuse yourself with questions ​about quilting sewing machines, let's get started. Here are the 10 best quilting sewing machines of 2018:

Reviews of the Top Rated Quilting Sewing Machines

If you need first hand experience with a good sewing machine for quilting, then the Brother PQ1500SL is the best one out there.

With a capacity of generating 1500 stitches per minute, this machine offers high-speed, clean, straight stitches. For quilting, you need maximum control of the fabric and for this, the PQ1500SL comes with a extendable table so that you can easily quilt and stitch.

​This model has several convenient features and with the option to adjust height, you can get even use out of this machine.

​Another ​great feature is the 4 feed dog setting. ​With this, you can easily adjust the presser foot with the built-in knee lifter, giving you the advantage of keeping your hands free.

If budget isn't an issue, this surely is the best Brother sewing machine for those who want to quilt. The machine is fully loaded and a value-packed deal at this price. You can do almost everything you want with this little monster.

If you are an advanced quilter and seeking out a computerized option, consider the Brother ​CS6000i.

This machine comes with a wide range of features, including 60 different built-in stitch patterns ranging from decorative to simple patterns, one-step buttonhole option (in 7 different styles), a speed of 850 stitches per minute​, which can be adjusted according to ​a project's needs, and a fully marked and easy to understand LCD display with dual LED lights.

While most computerized models are hard to understand or adjust to, the Brother CS6000i is simple to understand, use, and move around.

The automatic needle threader and super easy bobbin winding system along with the wide range of accessories will make you enjoy ​your crafting tasks even more.

​When it comes to finding a quilting machine, a number of special features exist in the Brother CS6000i. The extra wide table that extends out of the machine, the built-in quilting stitches, and the inclusion of quilting presser feet are just a few to mention.

Most sewing machines offer a range of features but don’t cover the quilting specifications like this machine does. That’s why it is one of the best sewing machines for quilting.

When it’s a Singer, you know you'll be impressed. This machine is computerized, giving you plenty of advanced features, and is overall a great quilting sewing machine.

With 600 different built-in stitch styles, which range from decorative to basic to stretch and quilting stitches, this machine will give you the most clean and high-speed stitches out there.

Also there are 13 different styles of one-step buttonhole options that you can apply along with​ 19 different presser feet, including the quilting presser feet.

​The Singer 9960 includes an automatic needle threader, automatic thread cutter, and adjustable stitch width and length settings.

Simply push a button and the machine will sew on its own while you control the speed. There's an extension table that gives you more control and space to work with.

This is a great option if you're looking for a computerized ​quilting sewing machine. With this model, you can put together a heavy-duty project in a matter of minutes.​

The words limited edition do spark excitement, and when they are used with a machine from Brother, you know you're in for something extraordinary.

The Brother XR9500PRW can stitch up virtually any sewing project you can think of. From home decor to basic stitching ​ to some amazing quilt designs, you can accomplish your heavy-duty stitching projects with this ​machine.

​Choose from 100 different ​built-in stitch patterns and 8 different styles of one-step buttonholes. The fully computerized option makes this machine ​incredibly effecient and can be adjusted accordingly.

You'll love the advanced automatic needle threading system, quick set bobbin, automatic up and down needle adjustment feature, and the wide space for hemming, cuffing, and quilting. ​

The finish of the stitches is strong and the machine has ​an impressive speed of 850 stitches per minute.

The accessories that come along with this ​include separate presser feet for buttonholes, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, and button fitting.

With a 25-year warranty, you can quilt confidently. This is a user-friendly machine that you can quickly get used to.​

Janome quilting machines are quite popular and if you are looking for a machine that covers the most common features while giving remarkable results, then the Janome DC2013 will ​meet your demands.

This sewing machine comes with 50 different built-in stitch patterns, 3 different styles for one-step buttonholes, and an automatic thread tension control system with automatic needle threader.

With its 7 piece feed dog system, you'll enjoy getting a full grip on your fabric, ideal for quilting, along with having control over the stitching speed. ​

Basic but strong, this machine also ​allows for more fabric layers to be stitched together ​as you can move the presser foot to a high position.

Plus, the stitch patterns selected from the computer’s memory ​also control the needle. ​The best thing is about this machine is its compact size, which makes it ideal for those ​who sew on the go. You'll be able to quilt anywhere you desire.​

Originally built for advanced sewing tasks, the Brother HC1850 is a ​great option for heavy duty quilting tasks. The machine comes with over 130 different built-in stitch patterns with 8 different styles of one-step buttonholes.

The automatic needle threading system makes it quite advanced, along with the quick set bobbin system. The machine has an impressive speed of 850 stitches per minute, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

The feed dog system allows you to add even more layers of fabric to your quilt, allowing you to customize each project.

Quilting with this machine is easy, thanks to the detachable table and quilting presser foot. The HC1850 is simple to set up and understand, making it ideal for a newer quilter.

​The machine is compact, lightweight, and easy to operate. Thanks to the machine's 25-year warranty, you can remain confident in your investment.

This ​machine is quite popular in the professional market place. The DZ2400 comes with 185 different ​built-in stitch patterns and 12 different presser feet for sewing and quilting. ​

You can also sew up to 8 different styles of one-step buttonholes and ​utilize the automation feature. With a touch of button, the stitch pattern can be selected, the stitch length can be adjusted, and you can make use of the drop down feed dogs for free motion quilting.

Th​is machine comes with a bright, built-in light as well as extra storage for your sewing needs. You'll be able to sew, hem, cuff, and quilt in style.

With the quick set bobbin system and advanced needle threading, you can achieve up to 850 strong stitches per minute.

Overall, the DZ2400 is a powerful and durable product that can keep up with your needs. It's safe to call this the best sewing machine for free motion quilting.

The Juki HZL-F600 is a high powered sewing machine ​that has received 5-star ratings for its design, features, and quality.

​With the clear LCD display, you can easily select your desired design out of the 255 built-in stitch patterns. You also ​choose from 16 industrial style one-step buttonhole patterns.

​Other features include the 10 different presser feet, automatic needle threading and cutting, precise feeding system with immediate needle control/stop, easy bobbin winding, and great LED illumination. The HZL-F600 proves it's more than worth its price tag.

This machine makes quilting easy, thanks to the extra large extension table and large foot. You'll have complete control over the fabric and the final outcome of your projects.

The knee lever for lifting the foot is another key feature which is loved by many as it gives you a third hand when you are sewing in a difficult spot. ​

There is also a dual action pedal, which makes the thread snip while lifting the needle as you press back with your heel. Fast, professional, and durable are some of the key words used ​frequently in the feedback for this quilt sewing machine.

This functional machine does not come with many fancy features but it certainly comes with the ​necessities.

It's very user-friendly and guarantees excellent results. This machine is popular with beginning sewists and quilters alike. ​

​It comes with 74 different stitch functions which can be performed along with 37 built-in stitch patterns. The easy automatic needle threader and fully functional bobbin winding system will save you a lot of time.

The machine has an impressive 6 feed dog system and provides a singular one-step buttonhole style. It can stitch up to 800 stitches per minute.

​With great speed and easy settings, the Brother XR3774 knows how to cater to all types of sewists, though it's been designed with quilters in mind.

The machine ensures quality stitches and features an extra wide space to work on. It's handy, portable, and jam-resistant. This sewing machine could be your sewing companion for life.​

The functions of this model make it more inclined towards one kind of stitching and that’s quilting. Starting ​with its size, the Singer 7469Q comes with a extension table that gives it the wide area needed for quilting.

The hassle of raising the bobbin thread before sewing has been eliminated by employing the drop and sew bobbin system. The 7469Q comes with 98 built-in stitch patterns, including the special quilt stitches, 6 different styles of one-step buttonholes, and full automation.

With the touch of a button, you can start/stop the sewing machine, create the required thread tension, thread the needle, trim thread, adjust the length/width, and so much more.

With this machine, you won’t have to worry about getting the right kind of stitching as its recommended most for quilters.

​The simple design and useful function buttons, such as the twin needle capability and on board stitch guide, not only simplify the sewing and quilting process but ​make this machine one of the best on the market.

Here are a few useful quilting tips:

So, there it is. We've discussed the best quilting machines out there. With ​any of these options, you can really channel ​your inner quilting artist. What else could be better than spending your down time making quilts for friends and family members that will be cherished for years to come? ​

​Do you have a favorite quilting machine that didn't make the list? Let us know!

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