Best Serger Reviews 2017: Coverstitch Sewing Machine

Looking for the reviews of best serger sewing machine in the market? We have made your job easy. Let’s find out.

Sewing is like a game; the more you engage in it, the more you would want to test yourself in it. Just like that, if you have been into stitching for long now and consider yourself to be a professional, you must’ve come across many problems; broken stitches and imperfect seams are just a few of them. While the ordinary sewing machine would give you somewhat neat and strong stitches, heavy duty projects demand you to settle for other machinery.

Moreover, the most commonly demanded “other” machine is the serger sewing machine. As most of you know that sergers are specialized machines known for its magnificent over-lock stitching and automatic cloth cutting feature, you can never deny their importance; especially when it comes to stitching clothes, decorative crafts or just projects that require better finishing.

The Best Serger Sewing Machines 2017

There are a lot of serger sewing machines available in the market but picking the right one isn’t as easy as you think. Let’s a take a quick look at our best picks of 2017 to help you buy your serger:

Name Editor Rating
SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish 10/10 buy now amazon
Brother DZ1234 Serger 10/10 buy now amazon
Janome 8002D 9/10 buy now amazon
Brother 3234DT 9/10 buy now amazon
JUKI MO644D Portable 10/10 buy now amazon
Brother 2340CV 9/10 buy now amazon
Janome CoverPro 900CPX 9/10 buy now amazon
Juki MCS-1500 10/10 buy now amazon
SINGER 14J250 Stylist II 8/10 buy now amazon

So what about the best one in the market? Which brand is taking the lead and what are they offering? Well, you don’t need to worry about any of it. Presenting you the best Sergers of 2017 with our unbiased coverstitch machine reviews that you can get your hands on. So don’t hesitate and give it a read before making this big decision.

Top Rated Serger Reviews

1. Singer ProFinish 14CG754 Serger Sewing Machine

Singer ProFinish 14CG754 Serger Sewing MachineFor someone who has little or no experience with serger sewing machines before, the Singer Pro finish 14CG754 will provide them with a fairly good experience. Starting with the stitch options, the machine provides you with 4,3 and 2 thread option. The Singer 14CG754 comes with an array of stitch patters, including 4 different hem stitch kinds and this is what makes it special.

Expect overlock, rolled hem, wrapped edge overlock and stretch mode safety stitch with this machine. Coming to the differential fabric feed, you can work with different fabrics and stitch layers together, especially stretchy fabrics. This machine is the perfect choice for handling them. With a speed of 1300 stitches per minutes, there will be no stretching, puckering or bunching of the fabric, followed by immaculate and strong stitches, irrespective of the fabric in question. Thus one can rely on this serger sewing machine for perfect stitches and hems every time.

The Singer 14CG754 comes with a easy to follow user manual along with a wide free arm, both of which provide one with ease of stitching. Moreover, this machine is highly compatible with any kind of sewer (doesn’t matter if you are new or old) and has been trusted by many for years now. Easy to use, reliable and guaranteed clean results every time. Without any doubt, the best serger for money.

2. Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger

Brother DZ1234 SergerIf you are looking for a machine that would give you immediate fixes, then you must get your hands on the Designio Series DZ1234. This thread serger from Brother is loaded with necessary equipment and features; 4 and 3 thread overlock option, color-coded threads for better understanding, narrow and rolled hem stitches including ribbon lock stitches, 3 different feet including Piping foot, Blind hem stitch foot and fathering foot, a speed of generating 1300 quality stitches in one minute and much more.

The best part about this machine has to be the feasibility factor which allows you to stitch and overlock different fabrics just so easily. To help you more, the machine also comes with an adjustable stitch length and width, which would give you complete control over how you want the 3 or 4 thread lock to work on your project. Plus with the differential feed, you will be able to complete your overlocking tasks rather easily.

The price and warranty of this Designio Series model make it suitable for home sewers, giving them the opportunity to work like a professional. All in all, with such features you can take some real advantage and take a step into creating apparels, upholstery and even formal wear for yourselves.

3. Janome 8002D – Best Serger for Beginners

Janome 8002D Best Serger for BeginnersThis serger sewing machine is a holy grail for newbies. It’s user friendly threading process makes it the best serger for beginners or those sewers who are not yet dealing with grand machines. The machine provides you with 3 and 4 thread overlock stitch option and comes with a quick-change rolled hem option to give you those perfect finishes.

There also exist the basic necessities like the color-coded thread guides, built-in thread cutter, retractable knife and differential feed for different fabrics. With a speed of 1300 stitches per minute you will get to see a visible changing in your sewing style once you start using this Janome serger sewing machine.

You won’t particularly face any problem with this machine. However, the fact that only special HA-ISP #11 – 14 needles are supposed to be used with this model can make it appear as a tough choice. Over-all the machine has great specs and delivers lightening fast results, it can come handy for those sewers who tackle with daily-life issues like repairing athletic wear, knits etc. The stitch quality is unbeatable.

4. Brother 3234DT Serger Sewing Machine

The Brother 3234DT will give you the best of overlocking- and that too of your choice. Be it 2 thread, 3 thread or 4, you will enjoy easy, hassle free stitching with this one. Talking about its features, this model is found mostly in use in different production units, as the variety of features allow one to be more creative. This is a good serger for home as well as commercial use.

The machine includes under loop threader, differential feed system, adjustable stitch length and width, 1300 stitches per minute of speed and different accessory feet including blind stitch foot, gathering foot and the standard foot. The vast option of accessories that come along with this model make sure that all your stitching needs are catered and that this model lasts a lifetime.

Since the Brother 3234DT comes with needle sets, thread nets and much more, it is easy for anyone to adjust with this machine. However, with no color coding threader, an inexperienced sewer might have some difficulty. Never the less, whether its about stitching ruffles, decorative edges, or gathers and joining laces, you will have an amazing serging experience with this one.

5. Juki MO644D Portable Serger

Juki MO644D Portable SergerFrom all the serger machines discussed above, this one has the most exceptional speed and generates 1500 stitches per minute. Other than this, there are several other features which makes working on Juki one of the most easy tasks ever. The color-coded threading guides, the easy thread tension adjustment option, the multi-function presser foot, all these add up to give precise serging results.

The machine provides you with the option of working with 4, 3 and 2 threads, create perfect rolled hems all while having the option of adjusting the stitch length and width as well.

What makes the Juki MO944D stand out from the rest is the fact that is a really sharp machine. It create clean hems, has a sturdy knife, a dedicated seam guide system which makes the seam precise as anything and such features work best when you are working with materials like denim. In other words, if you have ever thought of creating your own denim pants, then this Juki model will help you turn this fantasy into reality.

6. Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Machine

Brother 2340CV Coverstitch MachineThe advanced serger sewing machine will give you multiple kinds of cover-stitches. Doesn’t matter what kind of fabric you have on your hand, you get to choose between the 2 or 3 thread option and create cover stitches from 3 to 6 mm. The well marked color-coded thread will make it easy for you to understand just exactly what’s going on in your stitching. In fact the whole cover stitching process is so fast and accurate, you will try all kind of patterns on all kinds of fabrics.

Expect chain stitching, decorative stitching, narrow cover stitching and tri-cover stitching, everything is possible with this exceptional brother model. Additional specs include 1100 stitches per minute of speed, special presser foot, differential feeding system, extra accessories including needles, cover, tweezers and much more.

The Brother 2340CV is hands down one straight forward machine and ensures excellent serged results. Since this versatile machine is used for cover stitching and is able to attach elastic, tape, lace and even create circular hems for cuffs and collars. Unlike a standard serger, this machine has its own style and is one of the best machines in-date being used.

7. Janome CoverPro 900CPX Coverstitch Machine

Janome CoverPro 900CPX Coverstitch MachineAs far as serger machines are concerned, only the extremely high-end ones have the ability to cover hems. This particular feature holds a lot of importance when it comes to creating the perfect finish for different products. Now, the Janome CoverPro 900CPX is a pro when it comes to cover-stitching and will blow your mind even more when you try all the other features.

To begin with, the machine has a speed of 1100 stitches per minute, comes with 2 and 3 thread stitch options, has stitch length range of 1-4 mm and stitch width range of 5 mm. But apart from these basic specifications, the Janome 900CPX is equipped with seam tightening system (STS), which makes sure that the loop stitching and the loop thread works perfectly fine. It is because of this system due to which the machine can sew practically on any kind of fabric and surface, and emboss those sturdy stitches quickly. Plus, with the cover-stitching, all this hard works gets covered. In fact most garments that you come around have been stitched on this very machine, it is just that much in demand.

With a easy to follow threading system, free arm space and upper needle threading system, you will fall in love with this machine for its ease of operation, cover hem feature and overall performance. Plus Janome has a good reputation in the market, when it comes to professional stitching so in case you invest in this big boy, you don’t really have to worry about the warranty.

8. Juki MCS 1500 Cover and Chain Stitch Machine

Juki MCS 1500This mumbo-jumbo Juki is packed with features. From high stitch speed to plenty of options of cover and chain stitching, if you want to take your sewing to the next level, then you must have the Juki MCS 1500. While all other machines have fair amount of stuff going on, this one consolidates all those features in just one machine; expect 3, 4 thread option, 3 needle use for creating your desired style of stitching (wide coverstitch, narrow coverstitch, stretch chain stitch).

It also offers the option to adjust the differential feed according to the fabric, expert yet easy loop threader system and the ability to adjust the presser foot pressure, all from the movement of a simple notch. Now these specifications scream professional stitching, but the fun fact is even if you are beginner, you can get hold of this machine pretty well. The list of features that the Juki MCS 1500 includes makes it an ideal candidate for those sewers who work with uncontrollable fabrics like knit, silk, elastic etc. Whatever kind of fabric you have, it will stand no chance against this beast.

The machine is perfect in terms of ease of operation, results, cover-stitching and even hemming. With almost 5 star rating all over the market, the Juki MCS1500 is a favorite of many professional garment and decor sewers and is probably the best serger with coverstitch.

9. Singer 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock Machine

Singer 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock MachineFor hassle free 2,3 and even 4 thread stitching, you should opt for this machine. Easy to use, simple to understand, this machine comes with a speed of 1300 stitches per minute, offers variety of stitch options including overlock stitching, flat lock stitching, stretch stitch and rolled hem stitching. With adjustable features, all your serging tasks will appear easy and you will be amazed at how fine it stitches and hems.

With the exclusive differential feed system, your fabrics will be firm while you work on them as the system is equipped to prevent the fabrics from stretching out of shape and keeps seams from breaking or bunching. The differential feed on the SINGER 14J250 Stylist II is fully adjustable to meet the needs of every project; from decor, to shirts, to knitwear. Anything and everything.

The machine knows how to complement your projects. Features like the built-in needle threader and wide open threading for easy threading and maximum visibility, the whole process of serging just amplifies. Plus, an integrated thread cutter makes sure that during the entire stitching process, the fabric is cut and sewn. The machine includes tension release, electronic speed control which greatly aid in polishing all your projects. So all-in-all this machine maintains a good place in the heart of sewers and in the serger market.

10. Brother 1034D Serger Machine

The Brother 1034D thread serger has been the talk of the town for all the right reasons. This is an entry level machine and costs about fraction of the price of normal serger machines, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. The Brother 1034D gives you the option to choose from the 5 unique stitch patterns for your project which includes the four-thread overlock, the three-thread overlock, rolled and narrow hem and a ribbon lock. Apart form this, the machine also includes 22 built-in stitch functions to give you the perfect finishing and unique work for your tasks despite their nature or complexity. With a speed of 1300 stitches per minute, you will be able to have perfect, fine quality strong stitches on any kind of fabric, for the Brother 1034D comes with the feature of different fabric feed, which means that you can work on any kind of fabric. To aid the stitching process even more, this machine works perfectly fine with the normal needles and comes with 2 different snap-on feet.

Expect decorative stitch work, neat finishing, crafting, scarf-edge hemming on any kind of fabric with this machine and yes, the machine comes with a 25 year warranty. So if you have always wanted hard-finished stitches, then the Brother 1034D is here to give you the best of 3, 4 thread overlock stitches.

Serger vs. Overlock Machine

Now that the best serger machines have been reviewed, let’s address the conspiracy which arises every time; what’s the difference between a serger machine and a over-locking machine. Well, to begin with, both perform the very same task. Be it the finishing stitches, seams or decorative stitches, both types of machine generate similar results. Only the serger is a bit advance and performs overlocking, cutting and finishing seams in one step. Plus depending upon the model, the serger sewing machine can also perform other advanced features like decorative stitches, flatlocking stitch and the chain stitch.

This video explains in detail about what is a serger.

While an overlock machine usually just over locks the stitches for better finishing and rarely includes the option for more decorative stitches. Plus, in cover-stitching, the most desirable form is of overlock stitches, which does not come with the serger machines. This usually results in buyers opting for overlock machines more, for just one cover-stitch option.

But in personal reference, my vote has always been with the serger sewing machine as the array of features and options that it comes up with, is unbeatable. If you don’t agree, or want to debate your point, feel free to leave a comment and share your feedback on our serger reviews.

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