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The 5 Best Zipper Binders

In the world of office supplies, zipper binders are easily one of the most versatile and necessary organizers you could ever get your hands on.

Whether you are a student, working at an office, or even if you need something that can organize all of the different documents and files you possess at the home, the right zipper binder can make sure that you are always organized all the time.

No zipper binder is the same, and looking for the right one can be very overwhelming and even frustrating.

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Simplify your search by checking out the best zipper binders that you can get your hands on from the list below. 

5 Featured Zipper Binders

1 and ½’’ three ring zipper binder with expanding file by Mead

Most zipper binders last at most a few months. After that, your binder will experience an overwhelming degree of wear and tear, leaving you to look for a new zipper binder that will probably last another three months before needing to replace it.

Mead’s zipper binder is built to last. The exterior is completely waterproof, to the point where water doesn’t even fall through it’s zippers. This makes it perfect if you know that you’ll need to carry it around all day.

Something else you’ll enjoy about Mead’s zipper binder is all the pockets it contains. It contains pockets on the front and the back and this works very well with the expanding file on the interior to allow you to keep everything you need inside of it.

The rings on the inside of Mead’s binder will encounter some wear and tear if you use it often. That is the only thing about it that you may not enjoy.

Special features:

  • Contains an expanding file
  • Interior and exterior pockets
  • Made of antimicrobial material
  • Round rings
  • Available in four different colors, all of which are highly noticeable

2’’ three ring zipper binder by Five Star

Most zipper binders leave a lot to be desired when it comes to sheet capacity. Zipper binders that only hold a few hundred sheets won’t take you far if you are a student with a full schedule. It is very frustrating to need to carry around more than one zipper binder for school or work.

Five Star has created a zipper binder that goes above and beyond when it comes to sheet capacity. The 2 inch binder itself has a capacity of nearly 400 pages. Its expanding file, which you can access from the inside and from the outside, has a capacity of upwards of 500 pages. This impressive capacity makes Five Star’s binder the only zipper binder you will ever need.

Another thing you get with Five Star’s zipper binder is a secure zipper pocket that is located on its inner sleeve. You can use this to store practically anything you need.

The interior of FIve Star’s binder can get a little crowded, especially if you have made the decision to fill it to capacity. That is the only real drawback about it.

Special features:

  • Expanding file opens from inside and outside
  • Total sheet capacity of close to 900 pages
  • Made of rough fabric material
  • Full zipper closure
  • Durable carrying handle

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3’’ three ring binder with o-ring by Amazon Basics

Most zipper binders are not easy to carry around on their own. Most of the time, you’ll be resolved to putting it in a backpack or something like it. Dealing with this is frustrating and most of the time, all you want to do is carry your zipper binder on its own.

Amazon Basics has solved this with its zipper binder. Featuring a strap that makes the zipper binder resemble a satchel of sorts, only it is much more durable and holds everything inside of it much more effectively than a satchel does. You’ll be able to carry around Amazon Basics’ binder anywhere and that is one of the best things about it.

The interior of Amazon Basics’ zipper binder contains five color coded files, which makes it even easier for you to organize everything inside of it. Being 3 inches, you’ll also be able to keep literally everything you need in it without worrying about anything.

The O-Ring design of Amazon Basics’ binder might throw you off if you are not used to such a thing. This is especially true if you have decided to keep loose paper inside of it.

Special features:

  • O-Ring design
  • Removable carrying strap
  • Water resistant fabric cover
  • Kraft board interior
  • Expandable files

2’’ ring zipper binder by Case it

There are two qualities about high capacity zipper binders that make them frustrating to use. First, they are extremely crowded. In between the files that most of them contain and their other components, it is extremely difficult to get to what you need to get to. Also, most of the time you are resolved to carrying around such a binder, which is also frustrating.

Case it has eliminated these frustrations with their zipper binder. While it does have a high capacity of 800 sheets, you’ll be able to fit all 800 of those sheets directly within the rings of the binder. It does have file tabs, but these file tabs are easy to thumb through.

Best of all, Case it’s binder contains a strap that you can clip on and off at your convenience, making it much easier to carry it around. No longer will you struggle with holding it all day.

The only thing that Case it’s binder lacks is that it’s front and back pockets are very loose. Putting writing utensils, calculators, and other stationary in them is a risk.

Special features:

  • Available in half a dozen different colors
  • O-Ring design
  • Removable carrying strap
  • Exterior and interior pockets
  • Made of durable thin metal material

“Mighty Zip Tab” 3’’ zipper binder by Case it

Most zipper binders simply do not have enough pockets for writing utensils and other stationary. For the most part, all you can really put in them is paper, and this is certainly not enough if you are a student or if you work in an office setting where you know you need access to every kind of stationary that you can get your hands on.

This issue is permanently solved with Case its Mighty Zip Tab. First of all, the binder itself contains a 3 inch ring, reducing crowding dramatically. The file tabs are also much bigger than other zipper binders, allowing you to stay very organized.

The best thing about the Mighty Zip Tab is that it contains 5 pockets, two on the outside of the binder and three on the inside of it. This allows you to carry all the stationary that you’ll ever need.

The impressive amount of pockets that the Mighty Zip Tab contains is also one thing about it that you may not like, since it can get a little disorganized.

Special features:

  • 600 sheet capacity
  • Expandable files on the interior
  • Pockets on the front and back
  • Made of durable thin metal material
  • 3 inch O-Ring design

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How to Store Binders in a File Cabinet

binder storage

Storing binders in a file cabinet is actually a lot easier than you might think, you just need to know how to line up binders in a way that saves up as much space as possible.

There are actually two ways to do this. You can either store these binders horizontally or vertically along the file cabinet.

When storing binders vertically, you’ll want to pay attention to the spine of the binder, making sure that the spines are always across from one another as you stack them. This ensures that they all fit perfectly. Storing binders vertically can really only be done if the file cabinet itself has wider dimensions than the binders themselves.

In most other cases, you’ll want to store your binders horizontally inside of your file cabinet. When doing this, make sure the spine of the binders alternate, with one facing up and the one next to it faces down.

Make sure you write what is in each binder on its spine when you do this, since you’ll need to identify what is in the binder somehow.

Keeping loose paper in a file cabinet with nothing separating them or organizing them than mere file separators is not only very lazy, it is also a good way to damage all of the useful documents you might store inside of said file cabinet.

It is a much better idea to place all of those loose documents inside of binders, then store those binders in a file cabinet.

Easy Zipper Binder Ideas

In most cases, you can use a zipper binder as a laptop case if your laptop is small enough; most of them are.

You can also use a zipper binder to keep any given device you own, including your smartphone and tablet.

If you remove all the extra content that comes with a zipper binder and fill it with nothing but paper, it will turn into the biggest and most durable notebook you have ever owned.

Instead of bringing your lunch to work in a bag, you can likely fit everything your meal entails right into a zipper binder, preventing you from carrying one more thing to work.

You can also replace all the folders you bring for your classes in school, reducing them all to one zipper binder.

Since most zipper binders contain more than a couple of pockets that are deep enough in their own right, chances are really good that you’ll be able to replace your purse with it.


There are very few pieces of stationary that are more valuable than zipper binders.

Whether you need one for school or the workplace, chances are good that you’ll be able to place everything you need into one zipper binder.

Indeed, you would be very surprised at the kinds of belongings that a zipper binder can hold, other than paper and documents.

Don’t be afraid to use zipper binders for other reasons. Given how big the ones that are currently available are, they can easily replace any handbag or satchel if you organize everything properly.

These qualities are what make zipper binders much more useful and valuable than you ever thought. They continue to easily be the most convenient stationary items that you could ever get your hands on.

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