Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

No body wants a machine that would do just one kind of work. Even the most simplest forms of crafts demand quality stitches, hemming, quick embroidery, quilting and much more. Combination sewing machines are what fits everyone’s list of demands. And when we talk about these combination machines, the Brother SE400 is the one that most people opt for. Why is it so? what’s special about it. Well, this calls in for a detailed review of Brother SE400.

Brother is one of the most reputable sewing machine manufacturers, who has not only provided us with several lines of machines, but is always working on fitting maximum features in one little bot. The Brother SE400 is another powerful product under their name, which is relatively cheap yet multi-functional. An intermediate level sewing machine which comes with comprehensive features supporting quilting, embroidery and basic stitching, it also exists as the highest-rated machines of all time.

Without further ado, let’s inspect the features that this computerized sewing machine has to offer.

Features and Specifications

The machine is well-equipped,  but here’s a broad summary of what features does the Brother SE400 comes with:

  • Maximum normal stitch speed of 710 stitches per minute and 400 embroidery stitches per minute
  • Range of 67 different built-in stitches, including decorative, heirloom, quilting stitches and more.
  • Range of 70 Built-in, different embroidery design patterns
  • 5 built-in embroidery fonts for monogramming and designing
  • 120 different frame pattern combinations
  • Availability of stitching 10 different one-step buttonhole types
  • 4 x 4 inches of embroidery frame
  • A fully, functional easy-to-use touch screen LCD
  • Function of customizing designs by editing them using rotate, mirror-images, increase/decrease feature.
  • Fully computerized machine, which comes with the option of computer connectivity and installing new designs  and updates.
  • Automatic needle threading system
  • Quick-step, drop-in top bobbin winding system, which is easy and fast to use
  • optional help available in the form of built-in tutorials, followed by the option of directly downloading designs and much from

Great Stitch Speed and Quality

Since the machine offers a good speed of stitches per minute, you can get most of your work done with this machine. No matter what kind of stitch you are using (decorative, quilting, hemming, heirloom), no matter how advanced the level is, the stitches run smooth and quick. Plus if you are embroidering, you will be amazed by the finish of those stitches.

Stitch Patterns and Designs Library

The plethora of stitch designs, patterns, combinations, buttonholes and embroidery design that come with the Brother SE400 is just amazing. So many features encapsulated into one machine. Plus due to its digital nature, you can download so many more updates and patterns. This library of stitches is something which I personally found really useful and is sure to help you channel your creativity in a much better way.

Great Embroidery Features



While the machine comes with a 4 x 4 inch space for embroidery purposes, it is just like a cherry on top of the cake. This combination of great patterns, fast stitches and a totally separate dedicated space for embroidery all just add up to this machine’s effectiveness. In addition to this, sewers also get the advantage of seeing the embroidery designs first on screen. This machine gives them the option to zoom in and out, rotate and even edit the designs before stitching them.

Automation that Speaks Volumes

With outstanding automation, this computerized machine gives you the option to start the machine on and off just from a button. You can select the pattern, design and stitch of your choice directly with the touch of a button and can even control the stitch speed. With automatic needle threader and cutter, and independent bobbin winding motor, much time is saved and accuracy is guaranteed. Even the needle position can be adjusted through the buttons, so basically this means all you need to do is start the machine, select your options and start stitching, quilting or embroidering (depending on your need).

More than Just Specialty Feet

Since specialty feet tell you about what other stuff can be done with a sewing machine, let’s introduce you the feet that come with the Brother SE400. The accessory feet include Buttonhole foot, Overcasting foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Blind Stitch foot, Button Fitting foot and Embroidery foot.

Accessories and Everything Special

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Sewing Machine Accessories

Accessories most often receive not special attention when it comes to buying a sewing machine, and that is completely wrong, for if you want your machine to last a good time and perform just like it’s brand new, you need to have all the accessories with it. The Brother SE400 comes with a list of useful accessories including an embroidery arm, accessory bag, needle set, twin needle, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, 3 different screwdrivers, touch pen, spool caps, embroidery bobbin thread, USB cable, power cord and lastly the guide and instructional video. There is also extra storage place for all such accessories in the machine so that you don’t need to worry about misplacing them.


The Brother SE400 comes with a rich warranty of 25 years, but is sure to last more than that. The machine looks compact, despite its workplace and accessory storage, and is sturdy. Plus, it comes with its own cover (which is included in the accessories).

Final words

Brother SE400 has got everything that you could ask for; good stitch speed, multiple features and exceptional embroidery results, all while having the option to perform heavy duty tasks like quilting as well. The machine is fully computerized and saves one from a lot of hassle. All you got to do is load your design from its in-build memory, load in your thread and bobbin, hit the button and start working. You can control everything- from speed, to thread, to the style and patterns. Overall the machine makes embroidering a painless task, while being quiet and fast in nature. Just like in case of a 3D printer, you can see your design, edit, zoom in and out and start stitching. The machine is intelligent enough to support all of your creative ideas and speaking for myself, I have had a lot of fun trying this machine.

So those fellows who want exceptional embroidery and other skills on their hands, in the price of one sewing machine, the Brother SE400 is your dream call.

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