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Brother XR3240 Review

This Brother XR3240 review has been compiled after extensive research and analysis of the machine. Read on to find out if this is a good fit for you.

As a sewing expert and enthusiast, I have always been on the outlook of new sewing trends. While as I do my research and try out different machines, I also come across several unhappy sewers as well. The most troubled and unhappy spectrum of users that I have encountered until now is the intermediate-level sewers. With no offense, it’s usually really hard for them to find such a machine which offers them the best features while helping them flourish their skills, even more, all while fitting in a nice budget. All other sewing machines either are too basic or too advanced.

So acknowledging those troubled sewers, I decided to dig down deeper and present at least one sewing machine that could cater to them while giving them room and facilities so that they can experiment more with their stitching techniques. After months of market research, testing, references to online reviews, and several professionals, here I am with the review of Brother XR3240 sewing machine. Out of all the machines offered by Brother, including its special edition lines like Project Runway, this is one of my personal favorite since it has got some extra-ordinary features. Let’s find out.

#Brother XR3240 Review

While the machine is readily known for its quilting properties, the Brother XR3240 is one smooth sewing companion. This computerized machine offers a variety of features and solutions to intermediate-level sewers accompanied by a rich warranty. It’s extremely easy to use especially for the beginning level sewers who are just getting started.

Here’s what the machine will offer you in return of being your favorite one:

Great Speed and Stitch options

Beginning the discussion with its speed, the machine is capable of delivering 850 strong, smooth stitches per minute, which is a major pro, since speed is the major concern of every sewer. Secondly, there are over 140 built-in stitch patterns among which the sewer can choose the stitch of their choice and carry on sewing.

Starting with its stitching options, the machine offers impressive features. Usually, the stitch option in a sewing machine of intermediate level include decorative and basic stitch patterns, but the Brother XR3240 gives its users the best edge of all- alphanumeric stitches. Monogramming is the second most popular piece of work demanded by clients, hence when it comes to stitching projects, most machines excel at providing hemming, serger, and all sorts of other options but fail as far as initial stitching is concerned. Coping up with this gap, the Brother XR3240 sewing machine not only offers up to 55 alphanumeric stitches and 1 built-in font, but it is an excellent way for middle-level sewers to learn the basics of monogramming and perfect this much-demanded skill. And before I forget to mention, along with this wide range of stitch patterns, the Brother XR3240 also provides you the option to sew buttonholes in 8 different styles.

Ease of Use

When we talk about ease of use, we generally take into account the physical aspects and overall efficiency of the machine. With the Brother XR3240 sewing machine, sewers are provided with a brightly lit, large workplace area of almost 6×4 inches, which makes working on intricate details like monogramming and quilting much easier. The well marked features on the machine make it possible for the worker on board to understand the working of the machine even better.

Automation like Never Before

If you have worked with a manual machine, you would know just how frustrating it is to start stitching. While setting up the machine is not so difficult, it’s the whole control part that takes a toll on us. Plus god bless you if you have to wind in the bobbin mid-way stitching. It can take excruciatingly long to sew a piece together while breaking your tempo. Now since this machine is computerized, stitching on the Brother XR3240 is a piece of cake. All you got to do is start your machine, select your stitch pattern, feed in the fabric, and start stitching at your desired speed and all of this happens at the push of a button!. The fully functional automation is the reason why the machine is so quick and is used to handle complex tasks like quilting, monogramming, and hemming.

Presser Feet = More Functions

Presser Feet

If you feel that the whole episode of convenience stops at great speed, automation, and different stitches, then let’s introduce you to the special feet that come along with this machine. Initially, when we look for a machine, we try to opt for the one that would virtually perform all your tasks. However, this isn’t really possible until and unless the machine supports specialized accessories, which means the addition of extra digits in the price tag. But with the Brother XR3240 sewing machine, you get a variety of facilities at the price of just one machine. From the 9 different kinds of specialty feet that the machine offers, including the much-discussed 1/4″ piecing foot, Quilting foot, overcasting foot, and more, just by their names, you can guess how many other functions can be performed.

All Things Good

The other part of the accessories includes the extra bobbin, threads, hard-case cover, set of needles, Wide table, cleaning brush, screwdriver, user manual, and a range of other stuff which just adds in further years in the machine’s lifespan. Although most of us ignore these accessories they are vital, especially if you want your machine to never age, because with computerized machines the results may be better, but they are at a greater risk of wearing out soon, as the little bits and pieces start to give up after some time. Hence, this range of accessories keeps the machine in its best form and is a big plus point.

Is it Really Worth it?

Now that the features are covered, the question comes if it’s really worth it. Speaking from an intermediate sewer’s point of view, the machine is worth each and every single penny. Plus, if you have had enough experience with mechanical ones and are looking for the easiest computerized sewing machine option to switch on to, then the Brother XR3240 will rightly serve you. Overall, it can perform all kinds of tasks- overlocking, adding zippers, hemming, embroidering initials, stitching heavier fabrics. Hence all these features make it quite a package. It’s just one of those machines which will get on your hands quite easily and will handle all your easy to middle-level tasks rather efficiently.

With the combination of this machine’s features and one’s own creativity, sewers can compose some great articles with extra finesse. So why wait when you can get the same perfection in your articles? Try out this ticket of perfection and experience it for yourself. Let me know in the comments below if you liked my Brother XR3240 review and would like to see more similar reviews.

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