Brother XR9500PRW: Best All Around Embroidery Sewing Machine

So many great features set certain sewing machines apart from others. For Project Runway fans, you might’ve seen specific projects that you want to try. The Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Computerized Sewing Machine allows you to do that.

Having the right sewing machine allows you to learn how to sew, improve your skills, or develop new ones. It doesn’t matter how much or little experience you have, a great machine will help you develop those skills. Do you want to learn new stitching techniques, embroidery styles, or create your own distinct set of patterns? To hone your craft, you need a machine that helps you perfect your skills. The Project Runway machine by Brother might be what you’re looking for when choosing a new machine.

About the Brother XR9500PRW

The Brother XR9500PRW sewing machine has several great features. No matter what level of experience you possess, this machine is great for learning or enhancing your skills.

Sewing machine usability and ease of use

The sewing machine is straightforward to operate. It features the directions directly on the sewing machine, leaving no questions about how it works. There are several automatic features as well. The design makes it easy to select operations, stitch patterns, and buttonhole settings. Choosing the stitch pattern is also easy to do. The up/down arrow selector keys make it simple to adjust the stitch pattern. It’s easy to modify it when working on projects as well.

There’s a backlit LCD, making it possible to work in a dark room. And the screen suggests the presser foot owners should use. This feature is great for beginners. It eliminates the guesswork out of having to decide on their own. For additional convenience, there’s also an automatic thread-cutter on the side of the machine.

Stitching options and adjustments

Owners can choose from about 140 stitch functions, and 100 stitch patterns with this sewing machine. The Brother XR9500PRW also features eight buttonhole options to select. Most people don’t want to make buttonholes manually. This feature is great for beginners or those who don’t have much time to waste. It eliminates the need to create the buttonholes when sewing different patterns.

When selecting stitch patterns, there’s a sticker on the side of the sewing machine. This sticker indicates the different designs and how they’ll appear on the fabric. With this, owners can easily adjust settings using the slider arrows to change patterns quickly when sewing. There are built-in fonts, monograms, zig-zag functions, and quilting stitches to choose from when sewing. So no matter what material owners work with, it’s easy to adjust the appropriate setting when stitching.

Machine speed and motor power

The Brother XR9500PRW sews 850 stitches per minute. There’s also a speed controller on the side of the sewing machine. This feature is great for sewists of all skill levels. Those with more experience can increase stitching speeds to finish projects quickly. Those who don’t have as much expertise can slow it down to enhance their craft and skill sets.

The motor is powerful enough to sew through thick material fabrics like denim or curtains. The engine also operates quietly, so it’s not very noticeable when the machine is running. It isn’t the fastest machine but is more than enough for most owners. If you are using the product in a home setting, not much higher speeds are necessary than what the machine features.

Buttonhole styles and presser feet adjustments

In addition to the built-in stitches, there are also eight styles of one-step buttonholes to select. This feature makes creating buttonholes of varying sizes quick and easy. There’s no need to make the buttonholes manually. Owners can use the eight styles, and recreate buttonholes in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

To create new buttonholes, users have to put on the buttonhole presser and adjust the size. Depending on the style they’re using, they can adapt the buttonhole settings when working on a project. The methods include blindstitch foot, zig-zag, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, monogramming, and overcasting. Owners can also purchase additional presser feet from Brother to further enhance their sewing styles.

Pros and Cons of the Brother XR9500PRW

There are several great features that this sewing machine offers which owners can appreciate. However, there are also some drawbacks worth noting for those considering this product. It’s important to look at both the positive and negative attributes before investing in a new sewing machine. Although there are several great features, there are also some issues that owners report about these sewing machines. Here are some of the best and worst attributes of the Project Runway sewing machine.

Pros of the Brother XR9500PRW

Owners will appreciate this machine’s many great features. Among these are:

  • An accessory package comes with the sewing machine
  • There are several buttonhole and stitch pattern settings
  • It operates quickly, at 850-stitches per minute
  • An LCD screen is easy to read
  • Easy instructions are directly in front of owners, with large displays and visual aids
  • It is a great sewing machine for sewists of varying experience levels, even beginners

Cons of the Brother XR9500PRW

This sewing machine also has some negative aspects worth mentioning. Some of them include:

  • It has a front-loading bobbin
  • The illumination isn’t the brightest
  • Some stitching patterns are a little repetitive
  • It’s not the best sewing machine for heavy-duty fabrics

Before choosing this product, consumers should weigh these details. They should also compare this machine to other top sewing machines in the same price range. This will allow them to select the right product for their experience level, skills, and sewing style.

How We Reviewed the Brother XR9500PRW

There are several great sewing machines available for consumers. We considered several features when reviewing the Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Computerized Sewing Machine.

We initially began the process by examining the features, design, usability, and operability of the machine. In the review, we also considered how easy it’s to operate, and which sewists would benefit most from it. In our analysis, we compare products with similar speed, stitch varieties, and buttonhole settings.

We also include positive and negative reviews written by owners of those machines. And, we compare products of varying price points too. This information helps consumers decide if the Brother Project Runway, or a competitor’s product, is the best product available.

Average Price of the Brother XR9500PRW

The price of the Brother XR9500PRW varies from site to site. It is available on the manufacturer’s website, as well as Amazon, and other websites. Comparing a few online retailers is an easy way to find the best price available. Consumers also have the original version, and the newer model of this sewing machine to select. Depending on which of the two they choose, the price is also going to vary.

There are also more buttonholes available from Brother and other optional accessories that will increase the cost as well.

The Best Alternatives to the Brother XR9500PRW

There are a few models that are similar to the Project Runway Limited Edition Brother sewing machine. These are a few of the top competitors, along with their common features, stitch designs, and overall usability.

Juki HZL-LB5100

This computerized sewing machine is easy to use and operates seamlessly with various fabrics and materials. It has over 100 stitch patterns owners can choose from when sewing. It also has a seven-point feed dog system, variable speed override function, and one step buttonhole. The machine is easy to start, and easy to operate, allowing beginners to learn the craft quickly.

The compact sewing machine is also transportable so that owners can take it with them anywhere. There are functions for beginners to those sewists with more experience in their craft. An LCD screen is easy to read, and it’s easy to set sewing and stitch options quickly. An auto needler and threader makes it quick and easy to start sewing upon unboxing the new sewing machine.

One drawback of this machine is that it only has one buttonhole setting. This design flaw is much less than the eight that the Brother sewing machine offers its owners.

EverSewn Sparrow 30

This sewing machine includes two full sets of alphabets and 310 stitch patterns to select. The computer control system is easy to operate and features a memory function setting. This option allows owners to set their favorite designs and store them for quick access at a later time.

This machine also comes with seven presser feet and an extension table for working with more extended fabrics. The stitch width setting goes up to seven millimeters. There’s an LCD, monogramming and letter settings, and automatic start/stop button. There’s also a lock safety function to avoid jams when sewing.

Issues with the threading feature and a flimsy foot pedal are some complaints this reviewer notes. Although other users mention great features and functionality, some had a poor experience with the machine.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9950

This Singer machine is from one of the industry leaders, so consumers know that they can rely on the quality. It also features 600 distinct stitching patterns, which is great for those who love variety. It’s an excellent machine for creating fun designs or distinct patterns when sewing. An extension table allows owners to create custom projects easily and work with larger fabrics. There’s an electronic, auto-pilot mode that increases functionality as well.

The automatic needle threader and the high-speed machine can stitch up to 850 stitches per minute. It is faster than comparable devices, without compromising quality. The sewing machine is also effortless to use, making it great for beginners who are learning a new craft.

Some users indicate power concerns with the sewing machine. Even after switching from 220-volt to 110-volt, they still have issues with the machine.

Janome JW-8100 Sewing Machine

The Janome JW-8100 sewing machine features seven buttonhole styles and 100 stitch pattern settings to choose from when sewing. It also comes with 22 additional accessories and features an extension table. This machine has a memory function as well, so owners can store their favorite stitching pattern varieties.

The internal metal frame design is durable and the memorized up/down needle function ensures seamless operation. There are convenient start/stop buttons and a speed control slider. This feature allows users to control operational speed when sewing. A top drop-in bobbin and seven piece feed dog system round out the great usability features.

The sewing machine isn’t as well-built as others for sewing thicker fabrics. Although it works well with lighter materials, thick denim and other heavy materials are tough to work with.

How the Brother XR9500PRW Stacks Up Against Competitors

You want a sewing machine that makes it easy to learn new stitch patterns. You also want a machine that allows you to work with different materials and fabrics. The Brother XR9500PRW is an excellent machine for all experience levels. With a new version of the sewing machine available, you’ll love all the great features you can now enjoy. For those who love creativity, design, and selection, there are over 150 stitch functions available. The machine is easy to use and versatile. Regardless of your skill set or level, it’ll allow you to learn the basics as a sewist.

Whether upgrading from the prior model or replacing an old sewing machine, this is a great product to purchase. It has several features setting it apart from competitors. And, the affordable price makes it an excellent option for beginners, intermediate, and advanced sewists alike.

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