Best Sewing Machine Cases & Totes Reviews 2022

Buying a sewing machine might be a tedious task, but that is just the beginning. A good sewing machine wouldn’t require any visit to the repair shops, but what happens when you need to move your machine? Now picking up the machine seems like the natural reaction, but only real owners of sewing machines know how senseless is it to try to move your big machines with bare hands. This is where the best sewing machine case comes in.

It might be boring sometimes to sew your desired fashion garments all the time while indoors. Sometimes, you need beautiful scenery or a change of environment to make sewing enjoyable. However, you cannot use any bag to hold your sewing machine when in transit.

Every designer will be thrilled to have a carrying case or tote bag for their sewing machine, especially when on vacation. Multiple sewing machine cases vary depending on the brand, quality, size, and even extra features.

Below are some of the top carrying cases, arranged in chronological order based on different aspects. Take a look!

Our Favorite Sewing Machine Carrying Cases

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Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Case

1. NICOGENA Sewing Machine Carrying Case, Universal Travel Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap.

The NICOGENA Sewing Machine Carrying case has a stylish pattern print perfect for your eyes. It keeps your machine fresh and dust-free when at home. The bag has a unique design, making it stands still without the presence of a machine.

Features and Benefits:

Protects your sewing machine: The tote bag comes with additional cushions at the sidewalls and bottom, protecting your device from accidents while at home or during travel.

Multiple options for carrying: You can carry your NICOGENA sewing machine in different ways; a tote bag on your shoulder or slide it with your suitcase handle. You can carry it around to class or on vacation.

Made of top-quality material: The lantern black bag comes in different colors, making it have an attractive design. Its exterior fabric material is easy to clean up, keeping your bag tidy.

Multi-pocketed: The NICOGENA sewing machine carrying case comes with two additional large pockets for your items. Also, it has three PVC panels customized to fit your bobbin cases, threads, or scissors perfectly. Everything is well-organized.

Supports most machine standards: The 1.43-pound tote bag has estimated measurements of 16.5 by 7.5 by 12.5 inches. Its primary compartment is more significant to hold the standard machines, including Brother, Janome, and Singer.


  • It has light padding on its sides, effective for travel.
  • The material is resistant to dust, making it simple to clean.
  • Increased quality for your sewing machine.
  • Attractive design with spacious storage for your sewing accessories.


  • Not quite sturdy at the bottom.
  • Not suitable for heavy sewing machines.

2. Suteck Sewing Machine Carrying Case, Universal Travel Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap & Multiple Storage Pockets.

The Suteck Sewing Machine Carrying Case is the best pick for your sewing needles and threads. It has an attractive purple color with multiple pockets to hold all your items in an organized manner.

Features & Benefits:

Multiple carrying ways: Speaking of fashion, you can carry the Suteck Sewing Machine in different ways. With the padded handle and the adjustable shoulder straps, you can carry the bag manually or by your arm.

Many storage pockets: The 2.55-pound tote bag has a main compartment with an open structure that allows you to access your sewing machine easily. Within it, there is a transparent bag with a zip that holds your sewing accessories. There are two big pockets to accommodate large accessories and multiple holders, with ample space for your spools.

Made of protective material: The Suteck Sewing Machine Carrying Case comprises nylon material with cushions and padding at the front and bottom pockets. Also, the thick material between the layers adds an extra security layer to your machine during transit.

Increased compatibility: The sewing machine carrying case can effectively hold several machines, including Singer, Janome, and Brother, alongside other standard brands.


  • It is a multipurpose bag; can be used at a party, classroom, or during a vacation.
  • Increased durability with resistance to scratches.
  • It has multi-pockets to fit all your sewing accessories.


  • Its zipper has a high prone to breakage.
  • Its bottom might sag.

3. Tutto Monster Machine on Wheels Sewing Machine Case

This is the right bag for your purchase if you have a heavy machine. The 27 by 16.25 by 14 size Tutto Monster Machine on Wheels Sewing Machine Case has pottery-wheel components with no battery.

Features & Benefits:

Massive protection for your machine: The Tutto sewing machine case comprises 840 Denier durable nylon materials. It has a sturdy structure that protects your heavy machine when carrying to classes or road trips. It possesses two straps on the outside that ensure the safety on your items.

Spacious: The 2XL turquoise Tutto carrying case can hold lots of sewing accessories, including threads, rulers, and other extra items. It has a wide opening to fit your heavier sewing machine. It is worthwhile the price.

Has unique components: The pottery-wheel components in this bag have a perfect pivot, making it easy to maneuver around. They are like car tires, significant to withstand all the machine weight. You will undoubtedly not have a hard time when loading it and flattening it down.


  • Easily accessible. It has both front and top openings.
  • Organized structure; your items fit well in a great manner.
  • Holds numerous standard machines.
  • Its high-quality material makes it more durable.


  • The carrying case fold goes flat. It does not become smaller.
  • Its pockets tear easily.

4. BROTHER 5300, Universal Machine Carrying Case

As the name suggests, the Brother sewing machine case is indeed a universal case. It can be used for every kind of machine, be it the big free-arm sewing machine models or the plain ones. This is one of the most bought cases, largely because it is strong and easy to manage. The body uses hinge metal locks to secure your machine, which will help you in moving your machine without any fear of breakage. An Over-view of its features is as follows:

  • Made up of a strong, hard cover case, which can be easily managed and cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Provides durable protection to the sewing machine
  • Easy to carry and move
  • Consists of a larger space, to accommodate any other external or useful accessories
  • Composed of durable plastic with a high-molded base, which provides protection against dust, moisture, and other such contaminants.

The NAY Part

With all this strength comes a boring look. The casing itself looks heavy although it is light-weighted. Since the casing is built on a specific universal dimension, some of the machines, due to their small size, seem to jiggle inside the cover itself. The purpose is to secure and protect, internally and externally, and in the case of some machines, the internal security goes straight out the window.

Final words

The carrying case is a strong, sturdy case with a dull appearance. So, do not expect it to look good. However, it will fully serve the purpose of protection.

5. Janome Sewing Machine Tote

This tote offers the best kind of protection that you can get for your machines. Designed to fit in every kind of sewing machine, the Janome Sewing Machine case comes with sturdy features, strong handles, and enough zippers to include all other accessories, as you move along with your sewing machine. This is ideal for those sewers who are frequent travelers. The main features include:

  • Stylish design (Pink Color)
  • Ample of storage
  • Strong and durable
  • 17 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall, and 8 inches deep
  • Comes in several other patterns
  • Makes portability much easier

The NAY Part

This sewing machine tote is perfect for travelers. For ordinary and everyday sewers, this can be a bit too much. Apart from Pink Janome Sewing Machine Tote, other patterns and colors do exist but might not match everyone’s preferences.

Why Buy a Carrying Case and Cover for Your Sewing Machine?

Before I started, I had been a sewer all my life and during the time, when I was enrolled in the sewing machine program, I had to take daily trips with my machine. Thus, I bought myself a sewing machine carrying case to help me move along with my machine. This was the time when I was introduced to the concept of carrying cases. I invested in several cases and covers, some good some not so good, but in all honesty, my investment in this sewing machine carrying cases was never a waste.

Since then, I tend to spend some extra cash on sewing machine covers because portability and preservation are everything. If your sewing machine can be moved and protected at the same time, your machine has the chance of lasting a lifetime.

In my case, this step came naturally, but I noticed that regular sewers never really considered buying such cases. According to their point of view, a sewing machine case is not beneficial and is merely a waste of money.

However, this is certainly not true. As wasteful as they might seem, having a sewing machine cover is an absolute necessity.

What if you have to relocate?

Do you have to take your sewing machine to a class? If dirt, debris, and other debris have damaged your brand new machine, what should you do?

Is it necessary to bring all of your other sewing accessories with you as well?

All these questions are answered by sewing machine carrying cases.

The most under-rated accessory has to be these carrying cases. The major benefits that a sewing machine carrying case can provide include:

  • Makes portability easier
  • Protect your machinery’s internal parts from dust and contaminants
  • Helps preserve the efficiency of your machines
  • Makes it easier for you to store your machines i.e in a case, you can save up on the mess that comes along with a sewing machine.
  • Come in different shapes and sizes, so that every type of sewing machine has its case.

Note: Now the words case, cover, and tote would be confusing you, but for the sake of understanding, all these provide you with the above-mentioned advantages. A sewing machine is an overall cover, a tote is more of a full-sized bag and can come in a trolley-bag form too.

This brings me to the next part.

How to Take Care of a Sewing Machine?

What usually frustrates any designer or sewer is a machine breakdown. It normally comes by when you fail to maintain and take care of your hard-earned sewing machine. You might avoid such meltdowns by following the below tips and tricks.

Clean your machine

Sewing projects that involve velvet might leave out lint and pieces of fabrics in your machine. Spare out for some minutes and clean your machine as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You might need a few cleaning equipments and items such as lint-free for proper and safer cleaning. Try to use a paintbrush for the crevices.

Oil your machine

Sewing machines involve several internal moving parts. It would be best to oil these parts to avoid rusty surfaces. You are advised to use sewing machine oil and not just any other oil. The high-quality lubricant will give you perfect results besides not leaving stains on your garments.

Purchase a cover for your machine

Sewing Machines are like any other machines. They need maximum protection from dust. It would be wise to cover your machine with a dust cover or a hard material when not in use.

Try to utilize good-quality threads that will minimize build-up in your machine.

Seek annual services

It is important to have your sewing machine regularly checked, at least once a year, regardless of its price and quality.

With the help of expert knowledge, it would be outstanding for the machine. They often focus on areas that require massive cleaning.

Tighten your machine screws

With frequent consumption, machine screws might loosen up a bit. You need to tighten your screws often to shun errors, which have high prone to consume much of your time.


Is it essential for everyone to own a carrying case for their sewing machine?

No, it depends on a person and their set plans.

What should I look for in a carrying case?

The right size is the ultimate factor to consider when purchasing a sewing machine carrying case. Other factors might include quality, price, durability, and additional features.

Are sewing machine carrying cases waterproof?

It depends on the model and material used. Carrying cases with entire nylon and cotton materials may not be water-resistant.

Final words

Probably the best investment that you can make in any casing is this one. Janome Pink Sewing Tote gives your sewing machine plenty of protection and ample space in its zippers. This tote will let you travel anywhere you want and makes it possible for you to bring along your sewing machine easily as well.

A good machine deserves the best protection. This is why never hesitate to go an extra mile for your sewing machine. So keep calm and get your machine some protection with a nice sewing machine carrying case and a cover.

If you are a newbie or intermediate sewer, or designer, it would be best to purchase a carrying case for your sewing machine. This would assist in maintaining and taking care of your sewing machine when in transit.

It is crucial to understand a few tips and tricks on how to maintain your sewing machine. One of the primary tricks is cleaning and oiling your machine to keep it in shape for many years.

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