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Best Sewing Machine Carrying Cases, Covers and Totes Reviewed

Buying a sewing machine might be a tedious task, but that is just the beginning. A good sewing machine wouldn’t really require any visit to the repair shops, but what happens when you need to move your machine? Now picking up the machine seems like the natural reaction, but only real owners of sewing machines know how senseless is it to try to move your big machines with bare hands. This is where a sewing machine carrying case comes in.

Before we dive into details, here are our best picks:

Why Buy a Carrying Case and Cover for Your Sewing Machine?

Sewing Machine Carrying Case and Cover

Sewing Machine Carrying Case and Cover

Before i started, I had been a sewer all my life and during the time, when i was enrolled in the sewing machine program, I had to take daily trips with my machine. Thus, I bought myself a sewing machine carrying case to help me move along with my machine. This was the time when i was introduced to the concept of carrying cases. I invested in several cases and covers, some good some not so good, but in all honesty, my investment in these sewing machine carrying cases was never a waste.

Since then, I tend to spend some extra cash on sewing machine covers because portability and preservation is everything. If your sewing machine can be moved and be protected at the same time, your machine has the chances of lasting a lifetime.

In my case, this step came naturally, but I noticed that regular sewers never really considered buying such cases. According to their point of view, a sewing machine case is not beneficial and is merely a waste of money.

However, this is certainly not true. As wasteful as they might seem, having a sewing machine cover is an absolute necessity.

What if you have to relocate?

What if you have to take your sewing machine to a class? What if dirt, debris and other containment have damaged your brand new machine?

What if you need to take along all other sewing accessories as well?

All these questions are answered by sewing machine carrying cases.

The most under-rated accessory has to be these carrying cases. The major benefits that a sewing machine carrying case can provide include:

  • Makes portability easier
  • Protect your machinery internal parts from dust and contaminants
  • Helps preserve the efficiency of your machines
  • Makes it easier for you to store your machines i.e in a case, you can save up on the mess that comes along a sewing machine.
  • Come in different shapes and sizes, so that each and every type of sewing machine has its own case.

Note: Now the words case, cover and tote would be confusing you, but for the sake of understanding, all these provide you with the above mentioned advantages. A sewing machine is an over-all cover, a tote is more of a full-sized bag and can come in a trolley-bag form too.

This brings me to the next part.

What is the best Sewing machine cover out there?

Now it’s not humanly possible for me to list out every single great casing, cover and tote that i have ever come across, but the BEST of all, for the year 2018,  have been listed below:

Best Sewing Machine Carrying Case

As the name suggests, Brother sewing machine case is indeed a universal case. It can be used for each and every kind of machine, be it the big free-arm sewing machine models or the plain ones. This is one of the most bought cases, largely because it is strong and easy to manage. The body uses hinge metal locks to secure your machine, which will help you in moving your machine without any fear of breakage. A Over-view of its features is as follows:

  • Made up of strong, hard cover case, which can be easily managed and cleaned with damp cloth
  • Provides durable protection to the sewing machine
  • Easy to carry and move
  • Consists of larger space, to accommodate any other external or useful accessories
  • Composed of durable plastic with a high-molded base, which provide protection against dust, moisture and other such contaminants.

The NAY Part

With all this strength comes boring look. The casing itself looks heavy although it is light-weighted. Since the casing is build on a specific universal dimension, some of the machines, due to their small size, seem to jiggle inside the cover itself. The purpose is to secure and protect, internally and externally, and in case of some machines, the internal security goes straight out the window.

Final words

The carrying case is a strong, sturdy case with a dull appearance. So, do not expect it to look good. However, it will fully serve the purpose of protection.

Best Sewing Machine Cover

Now, for those who are not interested in carrying around casings, or are picky about how they want their machines to be covered, there is one more casing which you will like. The cover is From Everything Mary’s side. This cover is made out from a beautiful chocolate pattern fabric, quilted to give the case a more exquisite look. Upon touching this cover, you will realize just how perfect it is. The casing also includes microfibers in it, which would give your machines extra protection from dust particles. The main features of this sewing machine cover include:

  • A Mesmerizing pattern, which would give your machines a good appearance
  • Composed of durable materials including microfibers to give you the best
  • Consists of three external pockets, where you can keep some accessories
  • Best for those sewers, who are not into strong casings, but want a pleasant looking cover
  • Lightweight (literally like a piece of quilt)

The NAY Part

This cover is too pretty for some people. It is targeted towards those sewers, who would like a pretty- patterned casing. The cover itself gets dirty and would require more maintenance from your side.

Final words

The Casing is good for those people who are picky and want something out of the blue. It will provide a comfortable casing for your sewing machine. However, keep in mind that unlike other covers, this one would require care from your behalf. You care for the casing, the casing will care for your sewing machine.

The Best Sewing Machine Tote

This tote offers the best kind of protection that you can get for your machines. Designed to fit in every kind of sewing machine, Janome Sewing Machine case comes with sturdy features, strong handles and enough zippers to include all other accessories, as you move along with your sewing machine. This is ideal for those sewers who are frequent travelers. The main features include:

  • Stylish design (Pink Color)
  • Ample of storage
  • Strong and durable
  • 17 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall and 8 inches deep
  • Comes in several other patterns
  • Makes portability much more easier

The NAY Part

This sewing machine tote is perfect for travelers. For ordinary and everyday sewers, this can be a bit too much. Apart from Pink Janome Sewing Machine Tote, other patterns and colors do exist but might not match everyone’s preferences.

Final words

Probably the best investment that you can make in any casing is this one. Janome Pink Sewing Tote gives your sewing machine plenty of protection and ample space in its zippers. This tote will let you travel anywhere you want and makes it possible for you to bring along your sewing machine easily as well.

A good machine deserves the best of protection. This is why never hesitate to go an extra mile for your sewing machine. So keep calm and get your machine some protection with a nice sewing machine carrying case and a cover.

BROTHER 5300, Universal Machine Carrying Case
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