Pretty Christmas Gifts - Free Sewing Pattern Towel

Free Sewing Pattern for Pretty Stay Tight Towel

It’s so satisfying to make a Christmas gift that looks like it came from a designer boutique and can still be used every day. Everyone on your list has a kitchen, and has the same problem of hand towels falling onto the floor or looking scrunched up and ugly. But you can fix that in just 15 minutes with this unique hanging hand towel design- Our Free Sewing Pattern for the Stay Tight Towel !

And it only costs about 2 dollars!

Kitchen Towel
No more sloppy kitchen towels ith the Stay Tight Towel

There are only two simple parts to this free sewing pattern – the Stay Tight Towel Decorative Topper, which you sew out of your choice of fabric, and the store bought kitchen-sized towel bottom portion.

Got a passion for sewing but stuck at buying a machine? Read our top picks for sewing machines for starters.


Gather these supplies for 1 Stay Tight Towel:

*I show supplies to make 2 different toppers* for 2 friends

Supplies to sew Christmas Gift Towel
Different supplies for unique Stay TightTowel Topper
  • One store bought kitchen towel — The best is a thin white sack cloth towel because it gathers tightly and is highly absorbent for drying hands. This towel is a big 30 inches by 30 inches (76 cm by 76 cm) so I cut it in half for 2 towels. ($1 at a dollar store)
  • Two pieces of fabric — 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches (21.5 by 28 cm)with some weight to it (light upholstery, denim, cotton duck). Take time to wash and dry the fabric so it won’t shrink after you make it, and press it flat.
  • Hook and Loop Sew on Fastener – A piece 1 inch (2 ½ cm) inches long – mine is from Hobby Lobby and it is nice and strong (Sew-ology brand)
  • Thread– I used thread from Joanne Fabrics (Coats Brand, Dual Duty)
  • Decorative Trim – 7 inches (18 cm) An easy designer detail that makes a big impact.
  • One Decorative Button  – With NO buttonhole, so you just hand sew it on with a few stitches for a little kitchen bling, baby!


Steps to make the Stay Tight Towel Decorative Topper with our Free Sewing Pattern:

Download pattern here: Free Stay Tight Towel Gift Sewing Pattern

There is just one pattern piece and it fits on a common 8 ½ by 11 piece of printer paper. Some countries call paper about this size A4, and it is standard printer paper.

Cut out the pattern/fabric

I don’t even cut the pattern piece out; I just place it over my fabric that has already had the two layers laid right sides together. Then I pin the pattern piece down inside of the pattern and outside as well and cut the paper and 2 fabrics at the same time –

So fast!

Free Sewing Pattern Stay Tight Towel Gift
Free Sewing Pattern Stay Tight Towel Gift

Make the fabric topper

  1. With right sides of the two fabric pieces still facing each other,sew along the solid line area from the pattern, from the up arrow, around the curve to the down arrow.  (Refer to pattern to see where to start and end). Just line up the right edge of your sewing machine foot with the right edge of the fabrics, no need to measure a certain seam width, it will turn out fine.
Sewing Machine Foot as a stitch guide
Sew seam with the right edge of your foot lined up to right edges of fabric
  1. Then turn up a ½ inch (1.3 cm) fold toward the wrong sides of fabrics, along the open bottom and press. This folded edge that is now inside is where you will line up the gathered top of the towel when you insert it in a moment so it hangs evenly. Meaning, when you insert the towel ½ inch into the fabric opening it will be the same distance inside as the folded edge is.
  1. Turn the topper right side out.
  2. Press so that all the edges are crisp

Prepare the towel portion

Use a larger sack cloth towel like I show here, then cut it in half and use for 2 Stay Tight Towels. The cut edge is the edge to put inside the Topper next.

Assemble the Topper to the towel

  1. Gather up the cut edge of the kitchen towel.
  2. Slide it into the fabric open end up to the turned up edge.
  3. Lay the left side of the raw edge snugly against the left inside of the opening and clamp or pin there.
  4. Do the same for the right side. This holds the edges where they need to be while you spread out the fabric between the edges evenly into little gathers.
  5. Press the gathers down so they don’t move around when you sew them down in the next step.
Gathers for Free Sewing Pattern
Gather your thin towel and place inside Topper


  1. Sew a row of top-stitching through all layers to hold the towel in place and keep it securely attached inside the Topper.
  2. Fold the cut edges of your decorative trim under for a clean finish and lay it to cover where the topper meets the towel and stitch in place.
  3. Sew a top-stitch line around the rest of the Topper which will keep the front and back layers laying nicely even during frequent use.
Trim added to gift towel - Stay Tight Towel
Stitch trim over where the Topper and towel meet

Apply Hook and Loop – then Button

  1. Measure down ½ inch (1.3 cm) from rounded portion of Topper. Stitch the soft loop half of the hook and loop tape here, with one long edge of it at this ½ inch mark.
  2. Now measure up 1 ½ (3.8 cm) from the edge of the Topper where the towel is. Stitch the sticky hook half here, with one long edge of it at this 1 ½ inch mark.
How to attach Hook and Loop on Free Sewing Pattern
Stitch the Hook and Loop as shown
  1. Next, hand stitch the button on the opposite of the soft loop at the rounded portion, making the thread knots on that side and taking small stitches just through the fabrics and not through the loop tape.

Fold the rounded Topper portion down toward the towel and stick the hook and loop together to hold the towel in place on an oven door or towel rack.

Pretty Christmas Gifts - Free Sewing Pattern Towel
Designer Towels for just pennies!

Designer Note – If you consider the special people on your gift list, you can tailor each Stay Tight Towel to an individual person’s home style, which gives a unique custom look. In just 30 minutes you can sew two Stay Tight Towels, and that’s a complete gift, or make just one and tuck it in a basket of specialty foods for a sweet personal present!

Please leave a comment below on who your are making these for and if you would like a tutorial on a free sewing pattern for a coordinating custom placemat.

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