Janome 234 Sewing Machine Review

​Another entry level sewing machine comes in the form of the Janome 234 Sewing Machine. Many will find this mid-range sewing machine to be ideal for their style of sewing. Many different features are included like a free arm and drop-in bobbin. The ease of use of this machine is great and today, we will be reviewing the Janome 234 Sewing Machine. 

​To go along with the amazing features are 4 standard accessories included with the package. You will receive a darning plate, zipper foot, sliding buttonhole foot, and blind hem foot with your purchase. The price is nothing to bat an eye at, so you will are definitely getting a great value for the price. 


​Front-Loading Bobbin

​​​​​​​The easy to use front-loading bobbin system is one of the prime features of the Janome 234 sewing machine. Many people fall in love with how easy the system is to use. ​​​

​Easy Reverse Lever

​Reverse stitching is extremely simple with the easy reverse lever ​​​​​​located below the built in stitches. The placement of this lever makes it very convenient and will allow for you to ensure your seams in the most efficient manner. ​​​

​Manual Thread Tension

​Having control over your thread tension will also give you maximum control over the sewing process. There are some higher priced models that still do not offer this great feature.​​​​​

​Free Arm

​Freedom is often requested by most novice sewers once they have learned a little more about sewing. Luckily, the Janome 234 offers an easy free arm conversion that will get you that extra challenge you were looking for. ​​​​​

​Manual Tension Selection ​Dials

​Adding on to the manual thread tension feature is the selection dials. Just like your ​​​​​​stitch selection dial, you can easily change your tension strength with the tension selection dials. ​​​


  • ​Tight stitches
  • 6 regular/stretch stitches
  • Easy to use
  • Extra high lift on presser foot
  • Top Drop-in Bobbin
  • Light-weight


  • ​5 point box feed
  • Makes low whirring noise when in use
  • No needle threader included

​Additional Accessories

There are several different additional accessories that you can get to take your Janome 234 experience to the next level. In fact, there are way too many to discuss in our article today. So, we will only be going over a few and you can check the entire list on Janome's official web page.

​Binder Foot

​This handy tool is used to help you apply binding tape to the edge of your fabric more easily. The binder foot has a funnel that will fold and guide your binding to the fabric edge before the needle reaches it. This can easily be used in conjunction with the zigzag or decorative stitches for a creative look. ​​​​​

​Rotary Even Foot

Tired of stretchy fabrics or hard to feed fabrics? Using the rotary even foot you can get rid of that! With this accessory,  the fabric is automatically gripped independently. This way, perfect feeding can be achieved. Thicker fabrics won't stand a chance against the rotary even foot accessory.

Satin Stitch Foot

The satin stitch foot is perfect for sewing thick zizzag stitches. Smooth delivery is possible because of the beveled bottom foot. Getting decorative stitches done is much easier with this accessory. The foot is also clear so that you can see what you are doing below it.

Even Feed Foot

This special accessory is equipped with its own feed dogs that give it the ability to get rid of the issue of under layer fabric coming up short. If you have troubles with top stitching, the even feed foot can also help you there. People who are obsessed with absolutely perfect stitching will absolutely love the even feed foot accessory.

Blue Tip Needles

You can only find the blue tip needle at Janome. They feature a unique design that has a pierce point and are perfect for getting rid of skipped stitches.

​Needle Threader

​​​​​​​​Most sewing machines come with an included automatic needle threader. Sadly, due to the low price of this model, it does not. However, you can still buy the automatic needle threader separately and it works with all Janome sewing machines. ​​​


  • Max Stitch Width: 5mm
  • Feed System: 5 piece feed dog
  • Stitch Selection: ​Dials
  • Number of Stitches: 12
  • Free Arm: Yes
  • Number of buttonholes: 1
  • ​Needle Threader: ​No​​​
  • ​Weight: ​13 lbs​​​


​With the Janome 234 sewing machine, anything is possible. It is stuck between upper and lower level machines offering a wide range of functions with 12 built in stitches. If you want versatility and quality, you can get it with the Janome 234.


​With so many supported accesories for this device, it has immense value. There are a few included to add to the overall value of the package, but the true value is in the number of additional accessories that you can get for the machine. They truly unlock the potential of this machine.


​​​​​​​​​The starting price of the machine is relatively cheap compared to other high quality machines on the market. It is nice to see that beginners can still get started without spending too much money. This is also a great replacement sewing machine for those who sew as a hobby or past-time.


​Not many features are included with this machine, but that is okay. The great accessories that you can get for it make up for the lack of features. At this price, it is understandable that there are not many features included with the machine itself.


​Janome is known for high quality products. The Janome 234 Sewing Machine is one of those high quality products. The design is beautiful and elegant and highly durable. For the price, you cannot beat the quality you will get.

​Final Verdict

​When everything is said and done, the Janome 234 is a great machine for novice and intermediate sewers looking for an inexpensive sewing machine. We give it an 8 out of 10.

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