Singer Simple Sewing Machine

The Singer Simple Sewing Machine: A Great Machine for Beginners

If you’re considering buying a sewing machine for a novice user, you can purchase a high-quality Singer Simple sewing machine to help them get started on the path. But don’t be surprised if they (or you) catch the sewing bug.

Sewing is one of the most useful skills a person can have. It’s not just for when you want to patch and repair clothing. It’s useful when you want to repair anything made of cloth around the house. Or, maybe, you want to have the ability to fashion your own clothing, draperies, or cushion covers. Either way, a basic machine is a great place to start. If you’re purchasing for yourself or someone else, you’ll find several Singer Simple sewing machines to choose from.

Hopefully, this list will give you enough information to decide which one is right you and your needs. While you may not want to buy more machine than you think you may need to begin with, keep in mind that this may be an investment. Teaching your children sewing may only take a few days, and it’s a skill they can use for their entire lifetime. To help them get started, choose a machine made for beginners to help them learn to sew quickly and easily.

Overview of the Singer Simple Sewing Machine Line

Here, in no particular order, are Singer Simple sewing machines to get you started on your quest. While most of these machines are quite similar in basic design and function, there are a few notable differences that we’ve highlighted here.

Singer Simple sewing machine model 2263

The Singer Simple 2263 comes with 23 different pre-programmed stitches that allow you to sew a wide range of fabrics. Although Singer has pre-programmed the stitches, you can still customize them by both length and width to accommodate various sewing needs. The Singer 2263 includes a four-step buttonholer and a removable storage compartment.

A free arm makes it easy to hem trousers, sew shirt sleeves, or do small, delicate projects like stuffed animals and their garments. The solid and sturdy metal frame will provide years of durable service. Also, the Singer Sewing Assistant app, as well as the online tutorial videos, will help you with any sewing or machine related issues you may have.

The accessories include feet for general sewing, buttonholing, and buttons. This model also includes are a screwdriver, seam ripper, a thread spool cap, and a darning plate, as well as additional needles and bobbins. You can find it online from Walmart, Amazon, Sears, and in the Viking Sewing Galleries at Joann Fabrics.

Singer Simple sewing machines model 3232

The Singer Simple 3232 has all the basic features you will need to sew various projects. You can do everything from mending and hemming to home decor, gifts, and craft items. Boasting 32 different stitches with adjustable lengths and widths, the 3232 allows you to sew a variety of fabrics types. With the free arm machine, the 3232 makes it easy to hem pants, sew sleeves, or repairs and create children’s clothing. It’s just the thing for sewing smaller items like cuffs. The heavy-duty, solid metal frame will provide long-lasting, and stable durability.

If you ever feel that you need a little advice, there are extensive Owner’s Class videos from Singer, available anytime you need them. You’ll find this Singer sewing machine online at Walmart, Joann Fabrics, Amazon, and the Butterick-McCalls website, depending on the retailer. You’ll also find it at your local Walmart and Joann Fabrics stores.

Singer Simple sewing machine model 3223

The Singer Simple 3223 offers all the basic features you will ever need to complete all sorts of sewing projects. With 23 different customizable stitches to choose from for sewing applique, seams on a variety of fabric types and more. You can easily make buttonholes in four steps. Several useful accessories come with the 3223, tucked into the removable storage compartment. Also, as a free-arm machine, you’ll find it easy to hem trousers and shirts. You can also easily do other smaller projects like children’s clothes.

The Singer heavy-duty metal frame will provide years of long-lasting durability. Along with the basic, utilitarian white outer case, it also comes in six vibrant colors. Chose from retro yellow, aqua, and pink or a more modern dark gray or maroon.

Accessories include a buttonhole foot, a seam ripper, a lint brush, a quilting guide, replacement needles and bobbins, a screwdriver, darning plate, and a dust cover to protect it when not in use. You’ll find a limited number of these cheerful models available from Walmart and Joann Fabrics.

Singer Simple sewing machine model 3221

The Singer Simple 3221 is another excellent choice for anyone who wants a basic but versatile sewing machine. The 3221 has 21 built-in stitches that include an automatic one-step buttonhole stitch and a very handy automatic needle threader. It also has a drop feed feature that permits free motion sewing for quilting and decorative top-stitching. The free arm design allows you to sewing shirts and pants and other smaller items.

The Singer Simple sewing machine model 3221 will help you to express your inner creativity, and it includes all the accessories you need to get your first project started. You can find the Singer Simple 3221 online at Amazon and Directron.

Singer Simple sewing machine model 3116

The Singer Simple 3116 is the dream machine designed specifically for new sewers. It comes complete with automatic needle threading, 18 varieties of built-in stitches from basic to stretch to decorative stitching. The four different function presser feet and the automatic one-step buttonholer gets you up and running on your first project right out of the box. The 3116 is a very simple machine to use, but that doesn’t mean it is without features. The SINGER 3116 is a basic, yet versatile beginner sewing machine that makes sewing so simple, you will love to use it often.

Singer Simple sewing machine model 3337

The Singer Simple sewing machine model 3337 was designed to deliver great basic features in a modern and sleek design. You can easily create crafts, home decor, fashions, and so much more. Customize your projects using one of the 29 different stitches and adjustable stitch length available on the 3337. You can easily make buttonholes in one easy step. Several essential and useful basic accessories come in the removable storage compartment located in the front of the machine. These accessories include the new Sew Easy Foot that has an adjustable guide to help guide your fabric so you can sew a perfectly straight seam. The Singer 3337 also comes with a top drop-in bobbin, which allows you to monitor your remaining bobbin thread supply accurately.

Singer Simple 3337 advanced features

The free arm makes it easy to hem trousers, sleeves and other small projects. Puzzled over what to do first? The Singer Online Owner’s Class videos will walk you through it step-by-step, and the Singer Sewing Assistant app will give you all the assistance you need on your smartphone.

The patented Drop and Sew™ bobbin system allows you to simply place a wound bobbin in the bobbin holder and guide the thread through the marked threading path. The 3337 will also automatically pick up your bobbin thread for you, so you can get right to work.

You’ll find it available at your local Walmart or Joann Fabrics. For online purchasing, check Walmart, Hayneedle, Amazon, and Jet.

Other Good Beginner Singer Machines

While not technically in the Singer Simple sewing machine lineup, these two machines come highly recommended by consumers as excellent beginning sewing machine models. Their ease of use and many automatic functions are considered vital for those just starting out down the path to sewing. For that reason, we’ve included them here.

Singer Simple sewing machines: The Start 1304

The Singer Start 1304 has six basic stitches to choose from, which you can choose by simply turning the rotary dial knob. Singer programmed them to a predetermined length and width of the stitches, making it easy to use for a beginner. There is a basic straight stitch, a zig-zag for sewing patches, a blind stitch for hemming, and a scallop stitch for decorative sewing. It has a four-step buttonhole maker, and the extension Table comes off to allow for sewing of sleeves and hemming pants.

The Singer 1304 is lightweight and easy to store. Just the thing for a first-time user. You’ll find it at your local Walmart or Joann Fabric stores, as well as online from Amazon, Walmart, Sears, and even Home Depot.

Singer simple sewing machines: Singer One computerized sewing machine

The Singer One has 24 built-in stitches to get you started. These stitches include basic stitches, stretch stitches, decorative stitches, and 1-step buttonhole stitches. This allows you to get right into serious sewing after you learn the basics. Novice users will appreciate that threading the Singer One is a snap. The presser foot can be raised or lowered to accommodate various thicknesses of fabric. There is even an auto-reverse button for sewing in reverse or for reinforcing your stitches.

The Singer One includes a wide variety of accessories to make your sewing even easier. They include many different zipper foot accessories for blind-hem, satin, buttonhole stitching. Also included are additional needles, bobbins, a needle plate screwdriver, lint brush, seam ripper, soft machine cover, and more. The Singer one is a machine that you can grow into as your skills improve and expand.

You’ll find it at local Walmart stores and the Viking Sewing Gallery. Online, you can purchase from Sears, Walmart, and direct from Singer.

Final Observations

Since Isaac Meritt Singer invented his first practical mechanical sewing machine in 1850, the Singer company has been at the forefront of high-quality and user-friendly sewing machines. To this day, Singer sewing machines are still the most popular in the world. One reason for this is their ability to produce machines for every level of customer. From casual users that only sew to mend clothing or create the occasional home decor item, to those who rely on the Singer name every day for their livelihood.

Singer continues to be the leader in sewing machines. If you are just getting started, you can’t go wrong by choosing one of these models to begin your journey with this satisfying product.

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