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How To Thread A Brother Sewing Machine

​Threading a sewing machine can be a challenge despite following the instructions in your manual. A Brother sewing machine is a standard popular machine used for sewing, quilting and other sewing projects and is ideal for both domestic sewing and industrial production. In this article, we will learn how to thread a brother sewing machine in a few simple steps.

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

Threading your sewing machine correctly is very important to prevent the needle from bending and breaking, besides producing uniform stitches to produce quality garments. It is also important to use the correct thread and needle combination for efficient sewing. 

​Winding the Bobbin & Threading the Needle

How to Wind the Bobbin

Winding the bobbin correctly is important for you to stitch efficiently and produce quality work. Before you wind the bobbin, your sewing machine should be on, as the power of the sewing machine is used to wind the bobbin. The bobbin thread helps create a stitch by supplying the needle thread. For you to know how to thread a Brother sewing machine correctly, the bobbin should have enough thread to produce uniform quality stitches.

Remove the Bobbin from the Shuttle Cover

Below the needle, there is a metal plate where the bobbin case is located. Remove the bobbin casing which contains the bobbin and then remove the bobbin from the bobbin casing.

Place Your Thread at the Spool Pin


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At the top right of your machine, the spool pin holds the thread as you wind your bobbin. Pull the tail of your thread away from the spool pin so you can easily transfer your thread from the pin.

Draw the Tail of the Thread Across to the Bobbin

Wrap your thread from the spool across the machine towards the bobbin winding disc. Your thread should rotate clockwise as you pull it from the spool pin. On the bobbin hole, pass the thread from the inside and outside through the top. Around the bobbin, draw enough thread to make sure it doesn’t slip out.

Lock in Your Bobbin


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On the bobbin winder, place the bobbin in line with the hole at the center and slide the bobbin winding shaft to the right to lock it. You will hear a click which means the bobbin is securely locked.

Wind the Bobbin Until It Fills in Completely

After wrapping the thread around the bobbin, wind the bobbin rapidly by pressing the foot controller. Continue pressing the foot controller until the bobbin is completely filled. It is important you know that how to thread a Brother sewing machine will be made easier by the fact that the machine stops automatically once the bobbin is full.

Cut the Thread and Remove the Bobbin


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To separate the thread and the bobbin and the thread on the spool, cut the thread with your scissors. Push the bobbin winding shaft to the left to make the bobbin insecure to remove it. Be mindful not to drop the bobbin down while holding the tail as it will unwind.

​How to Thread Your Needle


Turn Off the Sewing Machine

Before threading your Brother sewing machine, it is important you first turn off your sewing machine to prevent an unexpected accident such as being pierced by the needle and breaking it.

Raise the Presser Foot Lever

Spin the balance wheel until the presser foot is at its highest point. Spin the balance wheel toward you in an anti-clockwise direction. Lift the presser foot to raise the pressure foot. How to thread a brother sewing machine correctly will become easier if you raise the presser foot lever.

Load Your Spool of Thread


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After you pull your spin of thread, put your spool of thread correctly on the top right of your machine. Position the spool of your thread in such a way that the tail of the thread will come from the back in a counterclockwise direction as it unwinds.

Pass the Thread Correctly into the Upper Thread Guides

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It is important you know the correct channels through which your thread should pass so you know how to thread a Brother sewing machine correctly. On top of the machine, pass the thread across the upper thread guides before pulling it across the right front channels. The top thread guide is located at the bobbin winding area at the tension disk. The thread should pass across at the hook attached to the bobbin winding disk in a straight line before you drop it into the front thread guides.

Thread the Front Thread Channels around the Tension Disks


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From the top thread guides pull the tail of the thread between around the tension disks on the two front thread channels. How to thread a Brother sewing machine will be made easier by a slot found on the tension disks; there is a loop which will help you to guide the thread from the right-hand side, down and back on top on the left side. Pull the tail of the thread gently to slip it in between the tension disks.

Thread the Take-up Lever

Guide the thread through the take-up lever from the left to the right side. It is important to note that before guiding the thread through the take-up lever you should raise the thread take-up lever. To raise the thread take-up lever, turn the handwheel toward you until the mark on the wheel turns up.

Guide the Thread through the Last Thread Guide

The final thread guide is located just above the needle. Pull the thread down and slip it into the final thread guide.

Threading the Needle’s Eye

Pull the tail of the thread down from the final thread guide to the needle. On the eye of the needle draw the thread from the front to the back and leave a two-inch tail hanging and position it to sit on the back of the machine.

​Loading & Drawing up the Bobbin Thread

After you have finished winding up your bobbin, turn off the sewing machine, which is a precaution to make sure you know that how to thread a Brother sewing machine is safe and to avoid the risk of injury and prevent damage to the machine when loading and drawing up the bobbin thread.

Raise the Needle to the Highest Point

Raise the presser foot and turn the balance wheel toward you in a counterclockwise direction until the needle is raised to the highest point. This is achieved when the mark on the hand wheel points upwards.

Open the Shuttle Cover and Lift the Bobbin Case

Remove the bobbin case from the shuttle cover by pulling the case clutch. When you pull the latch towards you, the case will loosen and you can easily remove it from the machine.

Put the Bobbin Back in Its Case


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Insert the bobbin on the bobbin case and pull out the tail along the slot of the case. Slide around 10cm of the tail below the spring clip into the hole of the thread guide on the bobbin case.

Insert the Case in the Machine

Hold the latch of the bobbin case when inserting the case to the sewing machine then release it after the case locks incorrectly. It is important to put the bobbin case back in place properly so it doesn’t move around when inside the machine.

Pick the Bobbin Thread


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Move the balance wheel toward you in a counterclockwise motion to drop the needle onto the machine base while holding the tail of the needle thread firmly and steadily. The needle will pick the bobbin thread when turning the balance wheel.

Pull the Bobbin Thread


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Using your fingers to catch the tail of the bobbin thread pull it up to attain a length of 15cm. This helps prevent the thread from sliding back at the base of the machine.

​Pull the Tails of Both the Needle and Bobbin Thread Backwards


After you followed all the steps of how to thread a Brother sewing machine, it is important you pull both threads backward behind the presser foot. Before you start sewing, it is important you ensure that both thread tails are equal and long enough.


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​Besides learning how to thread a Brother sewing machine, you should also learn the various ways to maintain the machine in good form. Oiling the machine is an important way to ensure your machine works well in addition to increasing its lifespan. You should also make use of the manual that comes with your Brother sewing machine as it is useful to help you remember the various steps on how to thread a Brother sewing machine. The best way to remember the above steps is to study and practice them. This will help you to always remember how to thread both the bottom and top threads correctly.If you have always wanted to know how to thread a Brother sewing machine, the above guidelines will be of great help to you. If you have gone through the steps, then you are ready to go. Wait no more – get your sewing machine at Sewing Machine Express and start sewing today!

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