We have reviewed the best self threading machines to help you pick the right one for you.

In the midst of all the sewing and creating crafts, there are times when the machine just balks. This leads to a frustrating job of seeing where and what went wrong and 90% of the time, its the thread causing all the trouble. Most traditional machines involve manual threading system and with that, we can all agree on the annoyance that comes along. So what can be a quicker way to thread the machine?

To give one the peace and ease of stitching, there are several good self-threading machines which wouldn’t ask for disassembling the machine every now and then. And surprisingly, not every machine guarantees you automatic needle threading, therefore if you thread-work is weak, you have got to read this review!

Out of all the automatic threading sewing machines that I have tried, there are a few which take the lead in terms of not just threading but overall efficiency. To save you time and hassle, here are the top 5 self threading sewing machines that will save your life (and sewing effort):

Top Rated 5 Self Threading Sewing Machines (2017 Picks)

Quilting Machine Editor Rating
Brother CS5055PRW 10/10 buy now amazon
Singer 3232 9/10 buy now amazon
Brother XM2701 9/10 buy now amazon
Singer 4423 9/10 buy now amazon
Singer 6180 8.5/10 buy now amazon

Automatic Threading Machine Reviews

1. Brother CS5055PRW Automatic Threading Sewing Machine

Brother CS5055PRW Automatic Threading Sewing MachineBrother Cs5055PRW Project Runway has never disappointed me. This limited edition machine runs smooth and is quick on the results. It is a simple machine loaded with a ton of features. The machine will offer you 850 stitches per minute of speed and a vast variety of 87- stitch and 5 one-step buttonhole styles to choose from. It is not at all hard to set it up, nor do you encounter any hassle while sewing.

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It is totally computerized so you won’t have any hassle in choosing the stitch of your choice or even threading the needle. In fact, the machine will notify you itself on which presser feet to use with what pre-programmed stitch style. The build-in thread cutter and bobbin threader are also super handy and just add into the time that you save over all.

The Brother CS5055PRW holds the complete package for both budding and professional sewers. With this one on your hands, you will be able to stitch together different fabrics almost instantly, be it stuff like denim or complex work like quilting (thanks to the large variety of quilting stitches there again).

2. Singer 3232 with Automatic Needle Threader

Singer 3232 with Automatic Needle ThreaderWith all the basic features that one needs and uses, the Singer 3232 will give you a pretty good sewing experience. For better understanding, this average joe is awesome especially when it comes to threading the machine, while having some of the greatest sewing features. Since not everyone is on the outlook of having a machine that is heavy-duty, this one has received impressive appreciation from almost all segments of the sewing world.

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What you will get from this simple machine is 750 stitch speed per minute, 32 built-in stitch patterns, a single one-step buttonhole style, option to thread the needle automatically, option to sew in the reverse direction and of course, the extra high presser foot lifter to let you stitch through layers of fabrics easily. The machine has its own list of accessories including 4 snap-on presser feet and as you can judge for yourself, it completes your needs circle.

The singer 3232 is simple enough to be used by your younger one and will let you stitch up any DIY project you have ever thought of. Plus, the price tag it comes in is what makes it great on the wallet.

3. Brother XM2701 Automatic Threader Sewing Machine

Brother XM2701 Automatic Threader Sewing MachineWhen my youngest follower (who is about 9 years of age) asked me about the best sewing machine for her, I recommended her this one. The reason behind that is its ease of use and the fact that this machine covers all genres of work that can be done using a sewing machine. With automatic needle threading and easy top drop-in bobbin, that is jam-resistant, you keep things running smooth and swift.

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The Brother XM2701 has the capacity to generate 800 stitches per minute followed by a range of 27 built-in stitches and 63 different stitch functions (talk about doing anything with this machine). It’s one of those machines that you take out when all of sudden you feel some sewing project kick you and you just immediately want to start sewing without anything stopping you.

Along with this, you can expect this self threading sewing machine to give you one sized, one step clean buttonholes and an instructional DVD with some extra useful accessories. In fact, the instructional video is so good that even if you have no knowledge of sewing, you will learn some great stuff out of it.

4. Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing MachineThe one thing why I added this heavy duty machine here is because of its price. Most automatic needle threader machines give you a very basic feel- the same compact design with the basics covered. Singer, however, introduced this heavier scale model within the same price tag as many machines.

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First up, let’s get into the “why is this machine super-awesome”. The machine can give you up to 1000 clean, solid stitches per minutes. You can select the stitch of your choice from the 23 built-in designs, can make beautiful buttonholes with one-step buttonhole and even stitch in reverse. With a stronger motor (60% to be exact), you will also be given the option to stitch through layers of fabrics using the extra high presser foot option. You can also use the three different needle positions depending on your project and have magnificent results. And lastly, the huge accessory range that comes along will keep you intrigued.

One thing you should keep in mind is that this is a solid machine. No matter what kind of material is at hand, no matter what complex designs sit in front of you, this machine will eat it up and give you results in terms of horsepower.

5. Singer 6180 Automatic Threading Sewing Machine

Singer 6180 Automatic Threading Sewing MachineThe reason why we use self-threading machines is the ease o fuse. But there are several other features which can drive us equally crazy such as the machine jamming, the bobbin being a mess and the very famous, impossible tension in the thread. Not all machines address those need, especially the cheaper ones. Hence, the more automation we seek, the more complicated machines we come across.

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When I tried the Singer 6180, I was taken aback by some minor yet really helpful features that definitely helped me overall sew far much more better than i usually did.

Other than the 750 stitch per minute speed and 80 build-in stitch patterns, the machine offers automatic needle threader and automatic thread tension control. You can also stitch through different layers of different fabric easily by adjusting the presser foot extra high (the option is there) and by just exerting more pressure on the pedal (automation comes here too). The needle position can be adjusted up to 13 different positions and all in all, you will have a brilliant experience with this one. Think of any kind of work to be done of any kind of fabric, this model will turn your imagination into reality.

While the machine is flooding with features, however its not necessarily user friendly for beginners. If you have some experience with machines, then you will be able to have a better grip on this one. Otherwise, it will take you some tough time to learn exactly what is going on (due to all the automation).

Final Words

Self-threading machines are nothing complicated or unique but has always helped people in pursuing their sewing goals. As a professional sewer, the only piece of advice that I can lend you as you carry on your sewing journey is to enjoy this work. Each model has its own specifications and plans to offer you some better results,  but at the end of the day, it is on how you use the machine to make something.

Also, before you invest in a machine, be sure to know what you want out of it, how much the budget is (the most expensive ones are not the best one), what stitch patterns/accessories/ functions it offers and lastly, never underestimate the value of instructional manuals and DVD’s.